Jedi Survivor: Best Perks And How To Find Them

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has a ton of useful perks, which will make your life much easier. Just like skills, perks allow you to alter your play style and make your experience throughout the game even more enjoyable. Of course, some are much better than others, but you should definitely take all of them into consideration when building your character.

Jedi Survivor Editions
Jedi Survivor has a lot of powerful perks for you to find! | © EA

Jedi Survivor has a total of 25 perks for us to find, and you should definitely not miss out on any of them. No matter if you want to do more damage, grab a bit more EXP or just need some help with dodging enemies attacks, there is a fitting perk for all of your needs. Tune Cal's combat abilities according to your ideas and preferences.

Since there is just a limited number of perk slots, you have to choose wisely and find the ones that embrace your strengths or compensate for your weaknesses. But first we need to figure out, how to get them.

Jedi Survivor: How To Find Perks

Unlocking the perk system is fairly easy. You will be introduced to it on Koboh. Just before arriving at the Rambler's Reach outpost, you will have to defeat the Rancor in the Sodden Grotto, which will reward you with your first perk: Shatter.

Jedi survivor first perk
In Jedi Survivor you can unlock the perks by defeating the Rancor. | © EA

After this, there are multiple ways to unlock perks. Some of them you will discover in Meditation Chambers, others can be bought from Zee with Datadiscs.

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Vendor Perks




  • deal extra damage after switching Lightsaber stances
  • using force power increases damage of your next
    Lightsaber attack
  • gain more EXP after defeating an enemy
  • Healing stims refill some amount of the super meter
  • while sprinting, you can absorb one hit without facing interruption
  • regenerate a smal amout of Force over time
  • maximum Force is reduced

Those well all the perks you can buy from Zee at the moment.

Jedi survivor buying perks at vendor
In Jedi Survivor you can buy a lot of perks from Zee! | © EA

Perks In The Open-World

For the following perks, you have to just need to find them.

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  • located in a dungeon close to the Rambler's Reach Outpost
    → beat the legendary enemy to interact with the crystal
  • costs three slots
  • Effect: break enemies' guard more effectively


  • located in Koboh - Chamber of Reason -
  • tempel can be found in the Basalt Rifts
    → follow the sloping path uphill until you see the entrance
  • costs two slots
  • Effect: Lightsaber Throws deal more damage


  • loctated in Koboh - Forest Array -
    → make your way through the Forest Array and take the side path to avoid the gunner
    → take the narrow passage, which takes you to an area with an DB-1 component
    → cross the gap and find the crystal
  • costs three slots
  • Effect: HP regenerates to a certain amount


  • located in Koboh - Chamber of Duality -
    → reward for clearing your first High Republic Chamber, you meet Zee here
  • costs one slot
  • Effect: you block meter increases


  • located in Koboh - Chamber of Clarity -
    → reward clearing the Jedi Temple in Untamed Downs
    → it is near Fort Kah'lin
  • costs four slots
  • Effect: BD-1 can carry one more Stim charge.


  • located in Koboh - Stone Spires -
    → while activating the laser conduits, you'll notice a crystal that is blocked off
    → spread the flames towards it with the Koboh Grinder
  • costs two slots
  • Effect: Your parrying window is shorter, but if you parry an attack, it deals more damage.


  • located in Koboh - Stone Spires -
    → clear the encounter in the manse
    → go to the top and check for the crystal on the roof
  • costs three slots
  • Effect: Your Blaster shots deal more damage.


  • located in Jedha - Crypt of Uhrma -
    → reward for beating the Sutaban Alpha
  • costs four slots
  • Effect: EXP increase after defeating an enemy, but can no longer restore after death


  • located in Shattered Moon
    → reward for defeating the campaign boss in this zone
  • costs two slots
  • Effect: While healing, stagger enemies around you and allows you to take one hit without getting interrupted.


  • located in Koboh - Mountain Observatory -
    → reward for defeating the campaign boss
    → take the elevator after the fight is done to find the crystal
  • costs two slots
  • Effect: Enemies affected by confusion take more damage.


  • located in Koboh - Chamber of Connection -
  • entrance is in Viscid Bog
    → get there via Gorge Crash Site
    → use your Force Lift to open the metal door
    → go down the elevator shaft and ride the Relter to your right
    → take the first zipline and jump off to a second one which takes you to the Jedi Temple
    → complete the puzzle by connecting the flames with the Koboh Grinder
  • costs three slots
  • Effect: Increases the minimum level that the force meter can regenerate.


  • located in Koboh - Chamber of Fortitude -
  • entrance is in Southern Reach
    → open the dome building with Force Lift
    → traverse the inner of the Corroded Silo until you reach the entrance
    → reward for defeating Anoth Estra
  • costs two slots
  • Effect: Restore a certain amount of HP after killing an enemy while Slow Time is active.

New Game Plus Bonus Perks

After you unlock the New Game Plus Mode, you will receive three additional perks. There do not take up perk slots, and you are free to use and combine them.

  • Remixes encounters by adding tougher enemies
  • increases damage dealt by Cal, allies and enemies
  • randomize cosmetics after you died

How To Unlock More Perk Slots

The quickest way to obtain more perk slots is to buy them from Zee for 10 Datadiscs a piece. After you have unlocked Zee, they will take up a permanent place in the upper floor of Pyloon's Saloon.

Datadiscs, however, can be found in ruins, or in Meditation Chambers as well.

These were all the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor perk locations! Hopefully you can build yourself a nice set and enjoy your experience in the game even more.

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