Jedi Survivor: Chamber Of Reason Puzzle Guide | Orbs & Collectibles

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features Jedi Chambers where you have to solve some puzzles in order to complete them. We provide a full guide on how you can solve the Chamber of Reason and where you have to place the orbs to get all collectibles.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason Solve Orbs Puzzle
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Reason | How to solve the Orb puzzle. | © EA/EG

Every true Jedi must solve all the Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This is the way. Oh, wait, that was something else. Well, here we are and provide you a full guide on how to beat the Chamber of Reason, it's Orb puzzles and how you can get all collectibles along the way.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Reason Guide – How To Enter | Unlock The Door

We start by telling you where you can find the Chamer of Reason. On your journey in the main story on Koboh, the Chamber of Reason is another optional Chamber for you to explore at any time during your journey. Make sure you do the Chamber of Duality before – as you need the key from there to enter the Chamber of Reason.

After you have interacted with Toa you can leave the camp and need to turn left. You will encounter a beast that tears apart some Imperial soldiers. It's up to you: fight it or run from it.

You can turn right immediately, take the broken bridge and Foce Pull the rope to jump to the other side. You can then unlock the entrance with the key you got before.

How to get to the chamber of reason star wars jedi survivor entrance locked
Unlock the door to enter the Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. | © EA/

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Reason Puzzle Guide – Where To Place The Orbs

Once you opened the door, you'll see a platform that turns out to be an elevator. Step onto it and make your way down into the Chamber of Reason. Again, you will find a rope that you can jump onto and make your way down even further. Now, it's Orb puzzle time!

Make sure to first Force Pull the lever on your left to the end of the rails, or use the switch to your right to move it. Then, Force Pull the purple Orb you can see at the end of the passage and place it into the moved Orb Coupler. A bridge will form, and you'll also see purple lines to your left for another bridge – we'll come back to that later. Cross the bridge to the other side.

Once you are there, break the wall to your right with the Force Push and Force Pull the second Orb. Make your way back again and take the second Orb with you.

Move the rail to your left, and grab the second Orb again. Head across this second bridge with the Orb. If you made it to the other side, drop the Orb shortly to collect the Echo you can find to your right. Afterward, pick the Orb up again and use the elevator platform you can see in the picture below and make your way up. There, you can place the Orb in a second lever.

Jedi survivor chamber of reason solve collectibles
Chamber of Reason: how to get all collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. | © EA

Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Reason – All Collectibles | Echos And Datadiscs

Behind the switch that moves the lever is another Echo for you. Force Pull the lever to the right side again, but this time, don't run across the bridge right away. Make sure you take a few steps and turn right. Then, you can see the Orb below you. Pull it up to you, head across the bridge and place it in the Coupler again.

Another bridge will form that leads to the third Echo in the Chamber of Reason. Go back and stay on the platform. If you Force Pull the switch now, it doesn't change a lever but lifts the platform upwards.

Avoid the huge platform there – we'll come back here later. Instead, you can find another bridge behind you, or to your right. Search for an "exit" where you can see the light and those golden hieroglyphs are on the wall, and take this bridge to collect the fourth Echo.

Head to the "golden wall" and let BD-1 scan on the right-hand side. You will acquire another Skill Point! Then, turn to your left and, again, head to the light shining through those walls you can see in the picture. Make your way to the end of the passage and head left – where you can find a Datadisc. This is the only one hiding here.

Jedi survivor chamber of reason all collectibles
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Chamber of Reason – all Echos and Datadiscs. | © EA

Now you can Force Pull the Orb down to your right again. Yes, the one from the very beginning which activated the first bridge. Here comes a tricky part, so watch out!

Head back, with this Orb, to where you came from on this level and look out for a huge golden shimmering circle – where you have to throw in this Orb.

In the video below, you can find a different solution, but this angle might be tricky. If you do it that way, make sure to really throw it into this circle. Once you've done it, the Orb will fall into another Orb Coupler that opens the door for you. There is a chest waiting with a Lightsaber Emitter!

Go back, take the Orb with you, and the door will close again. That is fine, we got what we wanted.

Jedi survivor chamber of reason orb puzzle
The Orb puzzles in the Chamber of Reason can be tricky. We got the solution to the Orb puzzles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. | © EA

Remember the platform where we said avoid it? Now we are here and ready to go all the way to the end and to the left. You can throw the Orb across the gap into another Orb Coupler to create the final bridge we need.

Take it to the end, turn left and take the stairs. You'll get a new perk, Dexterity. Pick it up and continue your journey.

Well done, you mastered the Chamber of Reason now!

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In case you're still stuck there or don't know what to do, we got you. Here is a short video walkthrough of the Chamber of Reason:

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