Jedi Survivor: Gardening Explained

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, gardening is a unique and extensive side activity where players can find, collect, and grow a wide range of seeds to customize and expand their rooftop garden. We explain how it works.

Jedi Survivor Garden
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In the vast universe of Jedi Survivor, where epic battles and galactic adventures take center stage, there exists a surprising and captivating feature that goes beyond the realm of lightsabers and interstellar conflicts. Nestled amidst the thrilling gameplay lies a serene and fulfilling activity: gardening.

Yes, believe it or not, gardening holds a prominent role in this extraordinary game, allowing players to cultivate their own plants, collect an array of seeds, and expand their gardens to create a verdant oasis in the midst of the chaos.

So, embark on a journey with us as we delve into the captivating world of gardening in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, where even the mightiest Jedi warriors can find solace and joy in the simple act of tending to their own cosmic gardens.

Jedi Survivor: Gardening Explained

In the galaxy far, far away, one may not expect gardening to be a prominent feature in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. However, players can take a break from their Jedi efforts to spend some time tending to their garden. From finding seeds scattered throughout the galaxy to expanding their garden plots and even enlisting the help of an NPC, there's plenty to do for those who want to turn their thumbs green.

To start gardening in Survivor, players need to make their way to the rooftop of Greez's saloon, which can be accessed through a stairway found in Pyloon's Saloon. By using their lightsaber to slash through various foliage, players can collect a wide range of seeds. These can be planted in the open plots of dirt on the roof and watched as they grow over time.

Jedi Survivor Garden 1
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Each seed type has its own characteristics, including size, appearance, and growth time. Players can weed out any unwanted plants and start over to optimize their garden plots to their liking. While there's no real gameplay incentive to do so, players can customize their rooftop garden and design their own army of colorful flowers.

As players journey from planet to planet with their Mantis crew, they'll naturally come across a broad array of seeds on their travels. By following the main path, they'll often notice glowing particle effects scattered around bushes. Attacking these bushes will automatically pluck seeds from the ground and add them to the inventory. However, if players are looking to make the most of their garden, exploration is vital. Some of the rarest seeds in the game are often found in hard-to-reach locations, so venturing off into the distance and exploring new areas is essential.

Jedi Survivor Garden 2
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For players who are struggling to find seeds, Respawn has added a feature that pinpoints the location of every single seed in the galaxy right on the map. However, players need to first expand their garden by unlocking every plot of land on the roof. By having BD-1 slice through a nearby tool, players can upgrade their map and gain access to the seed locations.

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To expand the garden, players need to enlist the help of an NPC named Pili. Pili can be found on Jedha, one of the first planets in Jedi Survivor, and will help grow the garden over time. Players can advise Pili to visit Pyloon's Saloon to hone her craft, and from there, it's a matter of finding seeds everywhere they go. By playing through the core storyline and venturing through side content, players can pick up any seeds they come across, and all remaining plots of land will automatically open up thanks to Pili's help.

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