Jedi Survivor: How To Beat Dagan Gera

In this guide, we'll show you how to defeat Dagan Gera in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Dagan Gera
Jedi Survivor: How To Beat Dagan Gera. | © EA

In Jedi Survivor, players will encounter some really tough boss fights. One of the hardest and most exciting fights is against Dagan Gera, a High Republic Jedi who poses a challenge to any player. But fear not, young padawan: We'll show you how to deal with this guy.

Looking for a strategy to defeat Dagan Gera in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor? Look no further than our guide, which offers valuable tips and insights on how to take down this formidable opponent.

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Jedi Survivor: How To Beat Dagan Gera

The fight against Dagan Gera in Star Wars Jedi Survivor mainly requires one specific strategy. While Gera is quite tricky and hits heavy, he doesn't have too many tricks up his sleeve and doesn't even have two super distinct phases.

We recommend the Dual Wield stance. You can keep hitting him quickly and parry most of his attacks with this stance's Y/Triangle move. With this strategy, you should be able to break his stamina quite easily, which will be a massive help in defeating him.

Dagan Gera Phase 1

Jedi Survivor Dagan Gera Phase 1
Dagan Gera phase 1 | © EA / Boss Fight Database via YouTube

Dagan Gera doesn't have to many complex moves. He likes to throw his sword, but you can easily block that. Outside of that, you can, and should, parry most of his attacks, which will lower his stamina gauge more quickly.

We recommend to stay as close as possible and deal as much damage as you can in quick succession. However, it's important to dodge his unblockable sweep attack, which will force you to get a bit of distance between you and Gera. You should do a Dark Souls here and dodge sideways, as this attack has large range.

Dagan Gera can easily shrug most Force powers off, but you can actually use Force Push to lower his stamina.

Dagan Gera Phase 2

Jedi Survivor Dagan Gera Phase 2
Dagan Gera phase 1 | © EA / Boss Fight Database via YouTube

When Dagan Gera is at around half health, a quick time event will trigger. This initiates phase 2. Here, Gera has basically the same moves, with the addition of another unblockable attack. This slam does a ton of damage, so make sure you're keeping an eye on him and are ready to dodge when he starts up the slam.

Otherwise, Gera is a lot more aggressive here. That's why we recommend being more defensive and act even more slowly and deliberately. You can still parry a lot of his attacks, but should maybe do one attack less when going in on him.

And that's it, folks! Follow our tips and you shouldn't have a problem with Gera.

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