Jedi Survivor: How To Turn Off Spiders

Jedi Survivor will offer an Arachnophobia option in its Accessibility settings, allowing players to remove spiders from the game, although it remains unclear what will replace them.

Jedi Survivor Spider
Jedi Survivor: How To Turn Off Spiders. | © EA

Jedi Survivor appears to have an interesting feature that has become more common in the gaming industry in recent years. The game has an Arachnophobia option in its Accessibility settings, allowing players to turn off spiders in the game.

It is currently unclear what will replace the spider enemies in Jedi Survivor when the Arachnophobia option is turned on. While it is possible that the spiders will be replaced with other enemies or creatures native to the game's location, it is also possible that the areas where spiders should have been will simply be left empty.

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Jedi Survivor: How To Turn Off Spiders

This feature has become more popular as many players suffer from arachnophobia, which is a fear of spiders. Some players may be reluctant to play games that feature spider enemies, as the thought of facing a giant spider boss can be terrifying for them. This fear can make it difficult for some players to enjoy the game fully, which is where the Arachnophobia option comes in. Just go to Accessibility in the Options and toggle "Spiders" to Off.

In Jedi Survivor, the option appears to remove the spider enemies entirely from the game, potentially making it easier for players who suffer from arachnophobia to enjoy the game without fear. While some players may feel that removing the spider enemies takes away from the game's immersion, it is important to note that the Arachnophobia option is entirely optional. Players who do not suffer from arachnophobia can choose to leave the spider enemies in the game and face them head-on.

Overall, the inclusion of the Arachnophobia option in Jedi Survivor is a positive step towards making games more accessible to players who suffer from phobias. It shows that developers are aware of the issue and are taking steps to ensure that all players can enjoy their games to the fullest.

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