Jedi: Survivor Spawn Of Oggdo Boss Guide

The Spawn of Oggdo is one of the mid-game bosses in Jedi: Survivor. This is a fairly tough boss, but we have a guide for you here on how to kill the Spawn of Oggdo.

Spawn of Oggdo Defeated
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Despite poor technical performances on PC, as well as HDR and screen tear issues on PS5, Jedi: Survivor has received generally positive reviews. Why? Because in so many other ways the game nails it. And it really does offer you the fantasy of becoming a Jedi Master; travelling every planet, and slaying every monster. Which is why you're here of course, to find out how to kill the Spawn of Oggdo boss in Jedi Survivor.

There's a "legit" way to kill the Spawn of Oggdo and then there's a super-cheesy method where you get into a position on the map where you cannot be attacked. We'll show you both.

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How To Kill The Spawn Of Oggdo

You've found Oggdo, but he's belly-flopping all over you? Don't worry, you're not alone; this is a tough boss. Here is how to defeat the Spawn of Oggdo in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

Jedi: Survivor Spawn of Oggdo Boss (Method 1)

Okay to try and defeat the Spawn of Oggdo boss in the way the game intends, follow these steps:

  1. Jump into the pit to initiate the boss fight, and have Single Blade lightsaber stance equipped.
  2. For this first phase of the fight you should wait for him to do two basic biting attacks in a row, if you parry both of these then you have a short window in which you can attack back.
    1. Always wait for both of the basic attacks to parry, never attack after just one.
    2. Jump away to dodge all other forms of attack from the boss in this stage.
  3. In the second phase of the fight the Spawn of Oggdo boss will act the same, except now he also has a ranged tongue attack. Jump away from the tongue attack whenever he uses it, and repeat doing what you were in phase 1 to slowly deal damage.
  4. In the final phase the boss adds just one more attack, a belly-flop. When he get's ready to jump, you need to jump yourself, and then double jump at the height of your first jump. You need to land near the center of his belly-flops AOE after the eruption has already spread outward.
  5. Keep doing damage like you were in the first phase until the boss dies.

It's going to be tough, but the key (as always) is perfecting the parry against his basic snapping attack, and then getting in small bits of damage after two parries in a row. If it's really tough, consider using the best settings in Jedi Survivor.

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Jedi: Survivor Spawn of Oggdo Boss (Method 2)

Here is the exploit method to beating the Spawn of Oggdo Boss:

  1. Drop into the pit.
  2. Run and stand behind the only chest in the boss room (because the Spawn of Oggdo's model is too big to fit in this part of the map, you cannot be attacked).
  3. Equip the Dual Blade stance.
  4. Use Force attack to throw the lightsaber at the Spawn of Oggdo.
  5. Repeat until the Spawn of Oggdo is dead.
  6. Die a little bit inside realizing you've lost sight of why you're playing a video game.

Easy-peasy! It's almost as quick as unlocking the Mullet.

All respect to Somewhat Awesome Games for finding this method, they show it well here:

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