FIFA-Killer Revealed: Lego Football Has Been Leaked...

Back in February 2K bought the right to make a series of Lego sports games, and the first of these has just been leaked: Lego football. Here's everything we know about the game so far.

Lego Football
Watch out FIFA! Lego's football game could be incredible. | © NexusHubZA via Twitter

As we reported back in February, 2K bought the rights to make a series of Lego sports games. Great news, right? Who doesn't love Lego? And the idea of using those iconic and charming little figures in a sports game makes complete sense. But then we just didn't hear much.

All we knew at the time was that 2K were going to put Sumo Digital to work, which is a smaller, UK-based studio, and a subsidiary of 2K. Sumo Digital have worked on Sackboy, Team Sonic Racing and, most recently, Hood. All solid games, but so disparate in style that we couldn't use them to predict what the Lego sports game would be like. However, we're now getting the first leaks and rumors regarding these Lego sports games, and we're hyped.

Lego Football Leaked!

The first of the Lego sports games to be leaked in any form is a football title. A Lego leaker's Instagram page (yes, that's actually a thing) shared an image from Lego's official figure certification page. The leaked image from the certification site reveals a new figure called Finnius Dash, who appears to be a Barcelona player or fan.

You can see Finnius Dash below:

So it looks like they are going to use at least some real-world football clubs rather than going down the route of making up completely fictional teams. Although, as far as players are concerned, the teams will probably be comprised of characters like Finnius Dash.

This could be a huge hit if they can make the gameplay at least passably fun. It doesn't need to be exceptional in any regard, the idea of Lego football is playful enough to win over even the most serious of football fans.

...but we'll need to wait for a long time to see this game, so until then, check out some of these puppies:

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