Lego x Epic Games | New Metaverse for Kids

Danish LEGO Group and Epic Games team up to build a safe place for kids to play in the Metaverse.
LEGO Epic Games Metaverse
Upcoming Metaverse for Kids? | © Epic Games

Metaverse is the term used to describe a vision for a shared online world. It merges the virtual world, augmented reality and the physical world. Users have extensive opportunities for interaction. They move with their digital identity in a shared virtual space without internal boundaries. Lego and Epic are now planning such a space for kids, in which they can play, build and communicate with each other.

Child-Friendly Lego Metaverse

Details on the design of the virtual world are not yet known. What is important to the two companies, however, is that their Metaverse will be child- and family-friendly. They want to “create an immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience” that people of all ages can enjoy, according to a joint statement. The project can be seen as a reaction to the immense commercial success of market-leading games construction kits such as Minecraft and Roblox, which are particularly successful in the targeted age group.

The Safety of Children should be the Focus

The safety and well-being of children should be the focus. As well as the protection of their privacy and tools to give children and adults control over their digital experience. Epic also pointed to its 2020 acquisition of Superawesome, which specializes in safe technologies for kids under 16.

Fortnite 2.0 For Kids?

Epic Games sees its expertise in the development of creative tools and immersive worlds. Fortnite, developed by Epic, is also considered such a platform, which has risen to become a virtual meeting place for young people with its Battle Royale modes, concerts, movie nights or worlds created in creative mode. Lego, in turn, points to its experience in making toys for generations of children. The company launched the first live moderated social app for kids back in 2016. A year earlier, the company had already launched its direct Minecraft challenger, Lego Worlds. The sandbox game actually came off quite well with critics, but had not been a breakthrough success with players. Apparently, Lego hopes for a better result from a partnership with Epic Games.

When is the Release for the new Kids Metaverse?

There are no details yet on dates, concept, business model and systems. The name for the Metaverse is not known yet. However, it can be assumed that the project will be implemented at least for Android, iOS, PC and consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Switch) - in other words, everything that the kids currently use.

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