This Takes NBA 2K23 Microtransactions to a New Level

NBA 2K23 is riddled with microtransactions, which was always annoying enough, but this takes it to a new level...

NBA 2K23 microtransactions
Best not to wear a durag at all then... looks better anyway. | © 2K Games

Alright, y'all know what a durag is, right? If you don't... it's the thing that the brother blasting that music you don't like is wearing on his head. If you're not familiar, you might call it a headband, or a turban, or a scarf, or just pass it off as a cultural difference that is inexplicable. If you are familiar, then that whole paragraph was pointless, but this article will be of interest to you: Durags in 2K23 cost more than durags in real life.

NBA 2K23 Microtransactions: Durag Prices Are Too Damn High

The travesty that are durag prices in NBA 2K23, was first uncovered by Redditor JimiForReal. Get this: NBA 2K23 is charging 15,00 0 VC for a durag, which translates to roughly $4.99. Sally Beauty, meawnhile, sells durags for $2.79. Hell, a wave-enforced durag only costs $6.59.

It's not the only ridiculously priced item in NBA 2K23, but it once again proves that this game seems to think we actually have the money that our MyCareer players are making... Sure an NBA pro can spend 10 bucks on a durag or a plain shirt, but us gaming-folk? Hell no. The problem is: As long as us hooping fools continue to buy NBA 2K games due to our love for the sport... then the game will keep getting away with all this microtransaction BS.