New PSP Confirmed: Project Q

The PlayStation Q will be the next handheld device by Sony. It has now been officially confirmed.

Ta-da! The new PSP. | © Sony

The recent success of the Steam Deck is testament to just how much demand there is for great portable consoles right now. But there is always one glaring issue with handhelds when compared to their counterparts: the technical limitations.

So, what can developers do to make handheld consoles capable of more? Given the size and portability of these devices, they can't simply beef up all the internal components. But Sony, who haven't produced a handheld in almost ten years, might just have the answer: make the whole thing streaming-based.

  • This console is years and years away from release, so if you want a handheld for the near future, just get the Nintendo Switch.

Sony Confirm New PSP

Whereas previously we heard only rumors, now we've had official confirmation of the new Sony handheld:

Key details:

  • Called "Project Q".
  • 8-inch screen (not 4k).
  • You need a PS5, and then you can stream your PS5 games to this new handheld over Wi-Fi.
  • All the same buttons/features as the DualSense controller.

Would you be interested in a streaming-based portable from Sony? Or, are you making the full switch to Xbox when Starfield is released?

As long as the new device won't do this, we're good:

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