"Next Generation Platforms" Described In Nintendo Job Offer...

A job ad from Nintendo was just released that explicitly describes "next generation Nintendo platforms". Let the fan-theories commence.

Switch 2
What will the next-generation of Nintendo consoles look like? | © Nintendo

Nintendo would probably rather we all just pay attention to the new Zelda and shut up about a Switch 2. But, obviously, we're not going to. We know they're working on something, and we also know that they'll need to compete with the new PSP soon, so a Switch 2 can't be far away.

Today we have a development for you! Nintendo's European R&D company have begun hiring for work on new Nintendo platforms!

  • Switch 2 is still so far away that you may as well get the OLED.

NERD Working On New Consoles For Nintendo

Nintendo European Research & Development recently published a job ad that specifically mentions "next generation Nintendo platforms". And, as you'd expect, this has sent the Nintendo community into fits of uncontrollable excitement.

So what does the job ad actually reveal? Not much:

The goal will be to aim for and go beyond state-of-the-art solutions in these fields, targeting current and next generation Nintendo platforms. It will be necessary to collaborate with game developers to bring new technologies to the market.

But, this does at least confirm they're working on next-gen stuff. And because NERD are given the responsibility of all the emulation work within Nintendo, it might suggest that the next console is being designed with backwards compatibility in mind.

We really don't know have any more details right now, but we will keep you updated if we get an official response. In other news, check out LEGO 2K Drive, the newest "Mario Kart-Killer".

What do you want from a new Nintendo console?

Speaking of exciting Nintendo news:

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