PS Plus Essential Games in October 2022: All Confirmed Titles

PlayStation-Plus-Members get free access to new games every month. The PS Plus Essential Games for October 2022 are already confirmed – find out here which games are on the list this month. Furthermore, we take a look in the crystal ball and predict the next PlayStation Plus Essential lineup.

Free Playstation Plus Games
What are the free PlayStation Plus games this month? | © Sony

Since June, there's been a new subscription model in place for PlayStation; it now has several tiers costing various amounts. Sony have basically expanded PS Plus by adding two more subscription tiers: Extra and Premium. And PS Plus is now called PS Plus Essentials and will remain exactly as it was.

Those who upgrade to PS Plus Extra will get 400 PS4 and PS5 games "for free". At the Premium level, retro titles from PS1, PS2, and even PS3 are included. The full list of games for PS Plus Extra and Premium can be found here.

But in this article, we're talking about the classic PS Plus free monthly games that even essential users get access too. We'll go through predictions and leaks for upcoming months, and we'll confirm each title as soon as we can. So, let's get to that all important question: what are the free PlayStation Plus games this month, and are they any good?

PS Plus Essential Games October 2022 | Lineup

We've just had the October 2022 PS Plus games confirmed by Sony:

  • Injustice 2: For any lovers of the DC Universe, this is a decent fighting game, with an impressive 87% on metacritic.
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed: This is a fairly solid racing game for all the family, with a 75% on metacritic.
  • Superhot: This is a fantastic VR game, probably the best ever released for PSVR, hence it has a 93% on metacritic.

Next PS Plus Essential Games | Predictions

Here were our predictions for November:

  • Assassin's Creed: Black Flag: Just like when Sony gave us God of War to get us ready for Ragnarök, we expect them to give us AC: Black Flag to get us in the mood for Skull & Bones.
  • Matchpoint - Tennis Championship: They always give us at least one trash game that no-one wants just to fill up the space.

Those are your PS Plus games for the month. Definitely check these games out if they are in your field of interest, there is a chance that you will have a good time with at least one of them.

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