Sony Will Now Gift You Money & Games

Sony have announced a new initiative called PlayStation Stars, which will reward you for playing games and completing challenges.

Play Station Stars
PlayStation Stars will gift you games and money for playing on PlayStation | © Sony

Sony just announced a new royalty program called PlayStation Stars. And you should really pay attention to this one. Sony promises to reward loyal players who play games on PlayStation or complete certain challenges with a variety of different rewards. So yes: You can earn money and new games by gaming on your PlayStation. Neat!

PlayStation Stars Will Give You Free Games & Credit

Here is how the system is supposed to work: You sign up for PlayStation Stars for free and earn "loyalty points" by completing certain requirements in a campaign. These can then be exchanged for rewards, including Credit for the PlayStation Store or games that are on sale. Here's how Grace Chen of Sony explains the system in the official blog post:

Once you become a member, you’ll earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. Our “Monthly Check-In” campaign simply requires you to play any game to receive a reward, while other campaigns require you to win tournaments, earn specific trophies, or even be the first player to platinum a blockbuster title in your local time zone.

All PlayStation Stars members will have opportunities to earn loyalty points. Points can be redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. As an additional benefit, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases on PlayStation Store.

As part of the program, you will also be able to earn so-called "digital collectibles". What exactly these will be, has not been revealed yet, but seems to potentially include "figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation."

All of this sounds pretty amazing, and we're excited to see if PlayStation Stars will be as good as it sounds. Sony hasn't announced a release date for Stars yet, but the service is supposed to go live later this year.