Price Increase In Several Countries: Xbox Series X/S Is Getting More Expensive

Not long ago, Sony raised the price of the PlayStation 5. In response, Microsoft promised to keep the price of its Xbox Series X/S stable, at least for a while – but now they've announced plans to also make their console more expensive.

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Microsoft raises the price for the newest Xbox generation in several countries. | © Microsoft

On August 25, 2022, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will become more expensive due to changes in the global economic environment. Microsoft reacted in a very defensive way, promising that the price of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will remain stable at least for the moment.

But just a few weeks later, Microsoft's Phil Spencer undermined that previous statement, explaining that Microsoft could not exclude the possibility of some Xbox products becoming more expensive in the future. According to Spencer, this should not happen before 2023 – and since we're in the year new now, it turns out that Microsoft is putting those words in action.

Xbox Series X/S: Price Increase In Several Countries

Microsoft already raised the price of the Xbox Series X in Japan on February 17 by about 5000 Yen, which means that (converted in US-Dollars) the console now costs $421, nine percent more than before. The Xbox Series S costs about $280 now, coming up from about $250.

As GamingDeputy reports, Microsoft have now also raised the price for Xbox consoles in Sweden; the Xbox Series X costs about $600 now, 50 Dollars more than before. The Series S is available for $375 in the Scandinavian country now.

It remains unclear whether the price for a new Xbox will also increase in other countries, but we consider it quite likely. Inflation is rising in many parts of the world, and that's a fact Microsoft can't continue to ignore.

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