PS5 Update 6.50 Is Here: New Features And How To Install It

There is a new PS5 update. Update 6.50 it is called and it only really brings one relevant innovation. We'll show you what it is and how to install it.

The new PS5 Update 6.50 is here | © Sony

Updates are obviously nothing unusual. Usually they solve minor problems or change some small things. System stability and performance improvements for example. However, this update 6.50 introduces a new product.

PS5 Update 6.50 Introduces New Product

It makes perfect sense that the update has come now. It does not have many changes, but it introduces a new product from Sony. We are talking about the DualSense Edge Controller, a new pro controller with additional buttons on the back. This new controller is a response from Sony to the Xbox Elite Controller and we're excited to see it in action.

The controller will launch on January 26, 2023, and Sony had to update the PS5 software for the DualSense Edge. So, with the latest update, it is possible to play with the pro controller on the PS5. For $200, it also makes perfect sense that the two systems are perfectly matched.

How To Install The Update

As soon as you start your PS5, the new update should show up under downloads. Once it's downloaded, all you have to do is click on the notification and restart the system. If the update doesn't show up in downloads, you need to go into the settings. There you'll find the item System Software by System. Go to System Software Update and Settings and click on Update System Software. The PlayStation will then search for the latest update and add it to downloads.

If 200 bucks for a controller is too much, here is the normal PS5 DualSense Controller.

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