GTA 6 Will Most Likely Be Unplayable For Millions Of Gamers On Release

GTA 6 is arguably the most-anticipated game of the decade, and there is a good chance that Rockstar will officially unveil the game soon. But it looks like tons of players won’t even be able to play the next Grand Theft Auto when it comes out. Here’s why.

GTA 6 Map Leak
GTA 6 will be unplayable for tons of people unless they manage to get the latest hardware. | © Rockstar

Is there one game people are more excited for than GTA 6? The hype is immense, and as we slowly find out more and more about the next Grand Theft Auto, especially thanks to leaks popping up all over the place, our anticipation grows and grows.

And that’s partially due to the game sounding really amazing. Two protagonists, Vice City, a focus on robberies, it all sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, it looks like millions of people won’t get to enjoy the game once it finally comes out.

Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC: GTA 6 To Exclude Millions Of Players

GTA 6 is slated to come out in late 2024, more likely in 2025, with the reveal coming at some point this year. That’s still a good while until we can finally play the new Grand Theft Auto. That also means, that GTA 6 looks set to be next-gen exclusive, only coming to PC, Xbox Series and PS5. This has been claimed by insider Tom Henderson, who regularly reports on the game and who correctly leaked details about it before.

Gta 5 mods 4k z4
GTA 5 mods already showed, how impressive the sequel could be graphically. | © Rockstar

According to Henderson, the game was planned to be “current gen only from day 1”. While that is good to hear in some regard, as it means the game will be able to really push graphical and technical boundaries, it also means excluding millions of players who still haven’t jumped on this generation of consoles.

GTA 6 is set to be absolutely massive:

The Xbox Series and PS5 have been out since 2020, and ever since then it’s been hard to even get one of these, especially the Sony console. This is, thankfully, slowly getting better. So hopes are high that by the time GTA 6 comes out, that these consoles will be readily available and that most people will have one by then.

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But so far, this generation of consoles hasn’t given players too many reasons to make the jump. Will this be different by 2025? Let’s hope so. If not, you can always build a strong PC, which is easier than ever. At least if you can afford it…

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