Sons of the Forest: How To Get The 3D Printer

Sons of the Forest places you on an isolated island teeming with dangers, where utilizing a 3D Printer can enhance your likelihood of staying alive.

Sons of the Forest 3 D printer location
We show you where to find the 3D Printer. | © Endnight Games

There are various tools accessible in Sons of the Forest that can assist you in surviving. Among them is a 3D printer that enables you to produce useful weapons and items.

This item is concealed deep within the island. Finding these Printers can be challenging, particularly if you're unsure of their whereabouts.

If you aim to create vital items like water flasks, arrows, or grappling hooks, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details on how to locate the 3D Printers in Sons of the Forest.

The Location Of The 3D Printer In Sons Of The Forest

First 3D Printer Location

The most accessible 3D Printer is indicated on the map depicted above. It is situated in a cave on the western side of the island, between the ocean and the snowy mountains, and will be designated by a flashing green marker on your mini-map.

Upon reaching the green marker on your map, keep an eye out for an old and overgrown golf cart near the entrance of the cave. This is an indication that you're in the right location.

Proceed into the dark tunnel that leads to an underground bunker.

At the end of the initial corridor, you'll come across a small room containing the 3D Printer, a sleeping bag for resting, and several resources such as Printer Ink, which is a crucial material required for crafting 3D printed items.

If you're interested in printing a Flask for carrying water, it will cost you 100ml of Printer Ink to craft.

Second 3D Printer Location

Getting to this 3D Printer is more challenging as you'll need to obtain a Shovel to access it.

The 3D Printer is located at a Point of Interest, specifically the dig site situated in the northwest region of the island. We've marked this location on the map below for your reference.

3 D Printer Location2
Sons of the Forest Second 3D Printer. | © Endnight Games

To reach the underground bunker housing this 3D Printer, you'll need to excavate the site using a Shovel.

However, obtaining the Shovel is only possible after acquiring the Rebreather and the Zipline Rope Gun. If you possess all three tools, it's worthwhile to make your way to the bunker. Apart from accessing the 3D Printer, you'll also be able to obtain a Tuxedo, Laser Sight, and Fire Axe.

All Craftable Items With The 3D Printer

Once you have a 3D printer you can make the following:

  • Arrows - 50 ML and takes 15 Seconds
  • Flask - 100 ML and takes 15 Seconds
  • Mask - 150 ML and takes 15 Seconds
  • Grappling Hook - 100 ML and takes 15 Seconds
  • Tech Mesh - 250 ML and takes 10 Seconds
  • Sled - 1000 ML and takes 20 Seconds

And there you have it folks, a quick guide to finding and using a 3D printer.