Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sequel: Will There Be A Third Game?

Die-hard Star Wars Jedi fans who have already played Fallen Order and Survivor are probably wondering if a new sequel is planned with a third game. We will try to answer you in this article with as much information as possible.

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A sequel to Star Wars Jedi Survivor would be incredible. | © EA

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may have had a rocky start on the PC, but the game has since gained recognition as an exhilarating Star Wars adventure worth experiencing. Now that some players have completed the game's narrative, fans are already wondering about the direction of the sequel.

With Jedi: Survivor designed as a trilogy, fans can expect Cal and his team to make a comeback in another game.

Is A Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sequel In The Works?

The ending of Jedi: Survivor sets up two pivotal storylines that are sure to be addressed in the upcoming sequel. Firstly, Cal's use of the dark side of the force could significantly impact his future as a Jedi. Secondly, it is likely that Cal will take on Kata, Bode's daughter, as his Padawan. Let's take a closer look at each of these possibilities.

Cal's Use of the Dark Side Could Affect His Future as a Jedi

At the end of Chapter 5, Cal finally learns the truth about his former ally, Bode. After discovering that Bode had betrayed him, Cal falls to the dark side of the Force and unleashes his rage upon the Imperial base commander Denvik and his men. Fortunately, Merrin persuades Cal to stand down before it's too late.

However, the damage has already been done, and Cal's struggle with the dark side is evident. In the game's final moments, Cal is shown kneeling before Bode's lifeless body, clearly distraught and confused.

He then picks up Bode's red lightsaber and activates it, looking up at the blade as it bathes him in a red glow. As color symbolism is a significant feature in Star Wars, this moment is likely a foreshadowing of Cal's future or a symbol of his inner conflict, or both.

Whatever the case, the sequel will undoubtedly explore Cal's growing struggle with the dark side and its potential impact on the narrative. How Cal navigates this inner turmoil will be a defining factor in his journey as a Jedi.

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Cal Will Likely Take Kata as His Padawan

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How can the story of Cal continue? | © EA

In the game's final moments, Cal vows to continue Cere's legacy and rebuild the Jedi Order with the help of his companions. Cere then appears before Cal, asking him to guide Kata through the darkness. With no other surviving Jedi to train Kata, it is probable that Cal will take on the responsibility of training her.

Taking on a Padawan is a significant milestone in a Jedi's life, and it often shapes their destiny. With Cal's struggle with the dark side and Kata's trauma from losing her family, their journey together is bound to be full of challenges.

However, this storyline has the potential to be a compelling aspect of the sequel's narrative, as we witness Cal's role as a teacher and Kata's growth as a Jedi.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has set up exciting storylines for its upcoming sequel. Cal's struggle with the dark side and his potential role as Kata's teacher are sure to be pivotal moments in the game's narrative. As fans eagerly anticipate the sequel's release, we can only hope that it lives up to the standard set by its predecessor and delivers an unforgettable Star Wars adventure.

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