Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Skill Trees Explained

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will feature skills trees, just like its predecessor Jedi: Fallen Order, which allows you to customize the game to your play style. This time, however, it will be taken to the extreme in a fantastic way.

Jedi survivors skill tree
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's skills look awesome already. | © EA

In Jedi: Survivor, players are given the opportunity to customize their gameplay experience through a variety of options for their skill tree. With each option offering unique benefits and advantages, players can tailor their Jedi character to their preferred playstyle and combat strategy. Whether you prefer to focus on mastering lightsaber combat, utilizing force powers, or developing your character's defensive abilities, there's a skill tree option that's right for you.

As you progress through the game, your chosen skills will shape your character's development, providing an immersive and engaging experience that's sure to satisfy fans of the Star Wars franchise.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Skill Tree

In the post-apocalyptic world of Jedi Survivor, the Force-sensitive survivors have divided themselves into nine distinct skill trees, each with its own unique abilities and specializations. These skill trees represent the different paths that a Jedi can take in their quest for survival and mastery of the Force. The options range from combat and defense to diplomacy and stealth, allowing players to customize their character's abilities to suit their playstyle.

Whether you prefer to engage in direct combat or take a more diplomatic approach, there is a skill tree option that can help you succeed. With careful planning and strategic allocation of skill points, players can create a Jedi Survivor character that is uniquely tailored to their preferences and playstyle.

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Jedi Survivor: 9 Skill Trees | © EA

The nine skill trees are as follows:

Dual Wield Skill Abilities in Jedi: Survivor

  • Back Step Slash (1 skill point): Hold L1 then press square to attack and leap backwards, creating distance from the target.
  • Uncoiled Strikes (2 skill points): Delay Square input to perform a flurry of quick targeted swings.
  • Serpent's Bite (3 skill points): Hold Square through the flurry to execute a strong final overhead swing to add a bit of punch.
  • Split Reflection (1 skill point): Press L1 right before a blaster bolt hits to split the incoming bolt and reflect at an additional target.
  • Focused Parry (2 skill points): Hold the triangle button and then release triangle when an incoming attack arrives to perform a focused parry.
  • Precision Release (2 skill points): Upgrade Focused Parry for two more skill points to perform an even more devastating follow-up attack and stagger nearby enemies.
  • Twin Vipers (2 skill points): Upgrade Saber Throw for two skill points to unlock Twin Vipers. Hold L1 and Triangle like any ordinary saber throw and then press triangle again to throw the second blade at your target to double up damage.
  • Dancing Blades (3 skill points): For three skill points, hold triangle down and throw both lightsabers, and they'll bounce between multiple targets performing the Dancing Blades animation.

Double Bladed Skill Abilities

  • Double-bladed stance (1 skill point): Gathering Tempest - hold Square to deal fast strikes towards a single enemy.
  • Vortex die (1 skill point): Hold L1 and press Square to dive forward while spinning the lightsaber.
  • Double orbit (1 skill point): Press Triangle again to perform a second lightsaber throw around Cal.
  • Endless hurricane (1 skill point): Continue pressing Square to add an additional attack to the end of the double-bladed attack chain.
  • Repulsing bursts (2 skill points): Press Triangle while airborne to slam down and deal damage in an area.
  • Rising storm (2 skill points): Hold Triangle to perform an attack that pulls enemies in a small area and takes Cal into the air.
  • Multi-fold reflections (2 skill points): Hold L1 right before blaster shots connect to reflect them back towards nearby targets.
  • Controlled throw (2 skill points): Hold L1 and Triangle to throw the lightsaber, then use the left stick to direct it around and control its position.
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Jedi Survivor: Lightsaber Skill Trees | © EA

Blaster Skill Abilities

  • Flying Lunge: Spend 1 skill point to unlock this ability which allows you to hold square to close the distance to your enemy with a leaping thrust.
  • Blaster Cooldown: Spend 1 skill point to unlock this ability which allows you to gain additional ammunition each time you strike an enemy with the lightsaber.
  • Improved Clip: Spend an additional skill point to further upgrade your ammunition capacity, allowing you to increase your maximum Blaster Ammunition by 3 shots.
  • Energizing Flurry: Spend 3 skill points to unlock this ability which allows you to hold L1 and press square to perform a sequence of quick swings that rapidly replenishes ammunition if they connect.
  • Efficient Heat Transfer: Spend 2 skill points to unlock this ability which reduces the time required to fully charge a blaster shot.
  • Point Blank: Spend 1 skill point to unlock this ability which allows you to press triangle just before an enemy hits you to blast them away.
  • Quick Draw: Spend 3 skill points to unlock this ability which allows you to hold L1 and triangle to focus and target multiple enemies at once with your blaster, and blow them all away.

Crossguard Skill Abilities

  • Crossguard Stance: For 1 skill point, you get Rending Strike which is a high-damage swing with a long wind-up when holding Square.
  • Impact: For 2 skill points, you can press Triangle while airborne to slam into the ground and cause a shock wave.
  • Greater Impact: For 1 additional skill point, you can increase the shock wave's range.
  • Greater Cleaving Swing: For 1 skill point, you can reduce Focus attack charge up time.
  • Reaching Cleave: For another skill point, you can increase the range of cleaving swing.
  • Sundering Swipe: For 2 skill points, you can hold L1 and press Square to perform a wide, sweeping lightsaber attack.
  • Charged Reflection: For 1 skill point, you can press L1 right before a bolt makes contact to send a charged bolt that hits the target and nearby enemies.
  • Rolling Thunder: For 2 skill points, you can hold L1 and Triangle to throw the lightsaber in a line through multiple targets.

Single Blade Skill Abilities

  • Lunging Strike (1 skill point): Hold triangle to perform a long thrust attack to increase range.
  • Improved Footwork (1 additional skill point): Increase the range for Lunging Strike.
  • Two-fold Reflection (1 skill point): Press L1 just before contact to reflect up to two blaster projectiles in a row.
  • Aerial Assault (2 skill points): Press triangle while airborne to attack straight down at a target below.
  • Dash Strike (2 skill points): Hold L1 then press square to dash and strike a target out of normal melee range.
  • Aerial Dash Strike (1 skill point): Unlock the ability to perform Dash Strike while airborne.
  • Cyclone Slash (2 skill points): Hold square after a basic attack to perform a powerful overhead swing.
  • Charge Throw (2 skill points): Hold L1 and triangle for a stronger lightsaber throw.
  • Aerial Ace (1 skill point): Aerial Assault does more damage and staggers enemies who are hit by this ability.

Survival Skill Abilities

  • Survival Skills (1 skill point): This ability increases Cal's maximum life.
  • Improved Stim Formula (1 skill point): This ability allows Cal to recover additional life when using a stim canister.
  • Perfected Stim Formula (2 skill points): This ability further increases the amount of life recovered when using a stim canister.
  • Teamwork (1 skill point): This ability reduces the time required to heal with BD-1's stim.
  • Power of Friendship: For two BD-1 stim canisters, this ability refills some of Cal's force meter.
  • Improved Survival Skills (2 skill points): Again, for an increase in Cal's maximum life.
  • Focused Sight (2 skill points): This ability allows Cal to hold Circle to automatically evade incoming melee attacks.
  • Greater Reflexes (2 skill points): This ability refills the block meter even faster for Cal.
  • Expert Survival Skills (2 skill points): Once again, for an increase in Cal's maximum life
Jedi Survivor Image 8
Jedi Survivor: Survival Skills | © EA

Force Skill Abilities Overview

  • There are four skill trees in the game related to Force skills: Force, Confusion, Jedi Concentration, and Telekinesis.
  • The Confusion skill tree is all about the Mind Trick ability, which allows you to confuse enemies and make them attack each other.
  • The Jedi Concentration skill tree focuses on increasing Cal's maximum Force, as well as improving his ability to slow down enemies.
  • The Telekinesis skill tree allows you to use the Force to manipulate objects and enemies in various ways, including pulling them towards you, pushing them away, and lifting them into the air.

Each skill tree has multiple abilities that can be unlocked by spending skill points, which are earned by defeating enemies and exploring the game world

Confusion Skill Abilities

  • Mind Trick (1 skill point): increases time enemies attack other enemies while under influence of Force confusion ability.
  • Confounded Mind (2 skill points): increases time enemies attack other enemies.
  • Greater Confusion (3 skill points): hold R1 and press circle after confusing a target to confuse additional enemy.
  • Amplification (3 skill points): allows confused enemies to deal additional damage.
  • Redirected Strength (1 skill point): hold L2 and press R1 while holding a pulled enemy to force them to fire their weapon.
  • Superior Confusion (2 skill points): successfully confuse otherwise resistant humanoid enemies.
  • Confusion Mastery (3 skill points): successfully confuse even the most resistant humanoid enemies.
Jedi Survivor Confusion Skill Tree
Jedi Survivor: Force Skill Tree | © EA

Telekinesis Skill Tree

  • Wrenching Pull (1 skill point): press L2 and R2 to wrench groups of nearby enemies closer to you
  • Twin Pull (2 skill points): while holding an enemy with pull, press triangle to pull and hold a second target
  • Unrelenting Pull (3 skill points): hold L2 to affect the largest and most Force resistant enemies
  • Radial Push (1 skill point): press R2 and triangle to push a wide area, causing multiple enemies to stagger
  • Howling Push (2 skill points): hold R2 to push enemies in a much larger radius and with a greater effect
  • Perry Push (1 skill point): pressing R2 right before an enemy attacks you will send them flying
  • Soaring Lift (2 skill points): hold R2 and triangle to lift your target as well as nearby enemies
  • Mass Slam (3 skill points): hold R1 and triangle to slam groups of enemies
  • Power Slam (2 skill points): hold R1 and X for bigger hit reactions from affected enemies
  • Gravitational Mastery (3 skill points): increases Soaring Lift and Mass Slam radius
  • Power Lift (2 skill points): hold R1 and triangle to lift even the largest enemies in the game
Jedi Survivor Image 9
Jedi Survivor: Concentration Skill Tree | © EA

Concentration Skill Tree

  • Attunement (1 skill point): Increases Cal's maximum Force.
  • Greater Force Attunement (2 skill points): Increases Cal's maximum Force even more.
  • Improved Dash (1 skill point): Gives Cal a second dash before needing to recharge.
  • Delayed Thrust (1 skill point): Allows Cal to delay his lightsaber attack after a dash.
  • Greater Push (2 skill points): Increases the range and potency of Cal's Force Push ability.
  • Empowered Slow (2 skill points): Increases the potency and duration of Cal's Force Slow ability.
  • Superior Blocking (2 skill points): Increases the duration of Cal's block and allows him to perform a precision evade by pressing Circle just before an attack lands.
  • Improved Stims (1 skill point): Increases the potency of healing from stims.
  • Focused Synergy (2 skill points): Cal regains more Force when he defeats an enemy and regains some Force when he hits a blocking enemy.
  • Cal's Power (1 skill point): Cal's maximum Force is increased to its maximum ability.
  • Efficient Blocking (1 skill point): Blocking no longer costs any Force.

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