Steam Spring Sale 2023: Start Time, End Date And Predictions

The Steam Spring Sale will be the next big discount event on Steam. Valve has already revealed the start and end date for the Spring Sale, and looking back on recent similar Steam events, we can already make an educated guess what gamers can expect.

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The Steam Spring Sale will take place in March 2023? | © Valve

We're all aware that Steam Sales are a bargain and a waste at the same time. The games are so damn cheap that you end up buying more than you could ever possibly play. Still, who doesn't love a good bargain?

This time around it's the Steam Spring Sale, and you can expect a huge number of games, from all different genres, to be heavily discounted. You can find all the info you need about the Steam Spring Sale below.

  • Sadly, Hogwarts Legacy will not be included in the Steam Sale, but you can buy it here my fellow Harry Potter nerds: Hogwarts Legacy

Steam Spring Sale 2023: Start Time & End Time

The Spring Steam Sale begins on Thursday, March 16 at 10:00 AM PST (1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET), and will last for exactly one week until March 23. This is Steam's first Spring Sale, and is guaranteed to start the year off positively with a big selection of deals. Hopefully you've already finished the Game of the Year, and you're ready for something new.

Steam Spring Sale: Game Predictions

So far we haven't seen any leaks regarding the games in the 2023 Spring Sale, but we will update you as soon as we hear about some. We expect Elden Ring and Stray to be discounted (they were heavily promoted during the last two Steam sales).

Furthermore, several big gaming franchises were made a lot cheaper during the last sales, including Star Wars games like Battlefront and Jedi Fallen Order, the Halo series, all Witcher games, the Tomb Raider trilogy and Civilization, so we expect them to be on the list again during the Spring Sale. If we're really lucky we might even see some more recent games on sale, like Forspoken, but this is less probable than the two aforementioned games.

And there you have it folks, everything you need to know to enjoy the upcoming Steam Sale. Oh, and if you still need a Steam Deck to actually play some of these games, we got you.

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