Hideo Kojima Working on The Boys Game?

A new tweet from Hideo Kojima reveals that the mastermind is working on a game similar to The Boys. Here's what we know.

The boys hideo kojima game
Yeah... I need that now. | © The Boys

The Boys is the type of show that's not really supposed to be. It's so violent, and so daring that I bet no one thought it would ever be the success it now is. But, then again... it's always the ones that are so daring and go all or nothing, that end up influencing all that follows. The Boys certainly set a new standard for adult superhero television, and Netflix certainly failed in copying the formula with Jupiter's Legacy (though JL is the far superior comic book). One that was als captivated by The Boys seems to be Hideo Kojima, because it turns out he was/is working on a game very similar to the Prime show.

For the record: Hideo didn't quit watching The Boys because he didn't like it, but rather because it was simply too similar to the game he had in mind. Also, note that Hideo Kojima's take on The Boys is 'on hold' and not cancelled. Since we don't know what Hideo Kojima's next game after Death Stranding 2 will be... might I suggest that a The Boys-like game from Kojima does sound pretty damn awesome.

If you're not familiar with The Boys - it's a superhero show that imagines superheroes as egomanical, borderline tyrannical celebrities, in it for the fame that comes with heroics, rather than the heroics themselves. On the other end of the spectrum is a dedicated group of people wronged by these 'heroes', looking to bring them down. It's really good, but also... really, really r-rated.