They’ve Gone Full Circle: New Game Based On Mario Bros Movie Leaked

A leak surfaced, showcasing a new Nintendo game, that appears to be based on the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Super mario bros movie teaser art
A leak jsut revealed a new game based on the Super Mario Bros movie | © Universal Studios

The Super Mario Bros. movie was a great success for both Nintendo and Universal Studios. Apparently, so much so that Nintendo plans to release a new Super Mario game, based on the movie.

Leak Shows Super Mario Game Based On The Movie

The leak surfaced on 4Chan in form of a picture and spread over to Reddit pretty quickly.

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It shows the cover of a Super Mario Bros game for Switch that is apparently set to come out in 2024. Besides that you can see the companies involved with the project, namely jakks, Illumination and Nintendo.

For those of you who don't know, Illumination is the movie production company that was involved in the Super Mario Bros. movie. That's how the connection to the movie becomes more apparent.

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The leak also includes a bunch of text that appears to be Hindi, which a user on Reddit roughly translated as: “My Japanese friend sent me this. He would like to remain anonymous. Private conference from Nintendo.”

If that leak turns out to be correct, the Super Mario franchise went full circle on that one, having a gaming franchise be adapted into a movie which in return gets adapted into a game.

As always, you should take leaks with a grain of salt, but looking at how successful the Super Mario Bros. was, Nintendo might be interested in cashing in on that success some more.

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