Will EA Develop The Next WWE Game?

2K Sports has not blown wrestling fans away with their WWE 2K series, but can EA do it?

2k22 WWE
Will EA make the game in 2023? | © 2K Sports

WWE has been releasing games for a while now, but in the last few years these games have no hit the mark and the community hasn’t been excited about a WWE game in a while. Now it seems that the WWE isn’t happy either and might turn to a new developer.

Will the next WWE game be released under 2K or is a new challenger approaching? Let’s check out the details.

When Did WWE Approach EA?

WWE 2K20 was a disaster. There are no better words for it. The game crashed and burned harder than No Man’s Sky did in the beginning. The fallout of the game was so bad that no game was released in 2021.

2K and WWE partnered in the mid 2010s when the holder of the game license went bankrupt. 2K Sports signed a contract to produce WWE games for the next 6-years. This was signed in 2016, which would make 2022 the final year on the contract between WWE and 2K Sports.

WWE has approached EA to see whether they would be the next publishers for future games once the contract with 2K Sports expires. WWE 2K22 is going to be the make-or-break game for 2K to see whether the WWE sticks with them.

What Led to WWE 2K20 Failing?

One of the main reasons for 2K20 failing the way it did could be that the developer Yukes split from 2K developer Visual Concepts. With the knowledge of Yukes gone, there wasn’t anyone who could make a decent wrestling game, it seems.

Yukes has since moved on to work on a competitor game, ‘All Elite Wrestling’.

Will EA Develop the Next WWE Wrestling Game?

Whether EA will develop the next WWE wrestling game is not yet decided. As stated, WWE will wait to see the reviews of the game and how it performs before signing any new contracts, though some fans are positive that the 2022 instalment of the series could be better.