Jobs In The Media Industry: 3 Reasons Why Gamers Are A Wonderful Fit!

Gamers often have special qualities that make them well suited for a job in the media industry. Let's look into the advantages you bring with you as a gamer!

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The media industry is a playground for gamers. Here's why. | © Adem AY via Unsplash

Gamers are often very creative and passionate, and this can help them a lot in various jobs. One industry that can particularly benefit from exactly these qualities is the versatile media industry. So here are 3 reasons why you, as a gamer, are perfect for a media job.

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Gamers & Media


Media are a way to give free reign to one's creativity. That's why you can also find a lot of diversity at work. As gamers, we are creative by nature. Not only does our hobby attract people with this characteristic, but it also encourages it. That means this trait is a huge asset for us, as it makes us easier to work with.

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Scene Know-How

As gamers, we are actively involved in the media industry, because video games are also a medium (duh). As a result, we already have a basic understanding of the processes and peculiarities of the media industry. This gives us a good base to build on, rather than still having to spend time internalizing this knowledge.

Going further, gamers spend a lot of time on social media either reading news about their games or connecting with others about them. As a result, we are always up to date on different platforms and the latest trends.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Media content is usually very elaborate and requires a well-functioning team to produce a convincing product. For this reason, it is particularly important to be a team player. Coordination and a sense of responsibility stand out here as two of the core characteristics.

Of course, this means that gamers can excel here. Many video games require a great deal of communication and teamwork. Through experience here, gamers already have a good sense of what a team needs to be and how to approach tasks.

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There you have it: 3 reasons why gamers are a great fit for the media industry. Use these advantages to confidently get your dream job!