Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.10

Are assassins or mages better in the mid lane in Patch 12.10? We take a look at the five best mid laners in the current meta.
Who is the best mid laner right now? | © Riot Games

This League of Legends Patch has changed Summoner's Rift. A whole bunch of changes to champion durability, as well as healing and shielding nerfs have taken hold of the meta, shaking up the mid lane quite a bit. So, who is the best mid laner right now?

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because you often have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the mid lane.

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Who Are the Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.10?

3. Veigar

This patch is going to be all about the late game. So, you'll need some scaling picks in the mid lane and no one scales better than Veigar, right? He's got infinite amount of AP scaling thanks to his Q, and no matter how much MR Riot adds, there is a point where he will be unstoppable.

So, with the durability update, Veigar is also going to be much safer in the early stages of the game. You'll be able to dominate the mid lane with this pick, just trust us.

2. Taliyah

Taliyah has been an insane mid laner since her mini rework in Patch 12.9. Jungle Taliyah? As if. She's back in the mid lane and even with the durability changes, she will continue to dominate.

Pool Party Taliyah Skin
She is ready to dominate LoL this summer. | © Riot Games

Thanks to her mid-scope update, Taliyah is now able to also deal AoE damage with her Q, which is insanely strong for her. She also isn't as susceptible to ganks any more thanks to the added durability. So, overall you just cannot go wrong with Taliyah as she continues to dominate the meta.

1. Swain

Another champion that has greatly benefitted from the mid-scope update is none other than Swain. This guy can eventually use his ultimate for as long as he wants which is great for late game team fights.

Dragon Master Swain
Swain is unstoppable after his mid-scope update. | © Riot Games

The only way anyone can take down Swain is by one-shotting him, which thanks to the durability update is going to be pretty damn difficult to do. Therefore, Swain is one of the best mid lane picks right about now.

Mid Lane Tier List Patch 12.10 in League of Legends

Mid Lane Tier List Patch 12 10 Early Game
These are the best picks right now. | © Riot Games

Now that we have looked at the S-Tier of LoL Patch 12.10, it's about time that we check out where some of your other favorite champions are. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Mid Laners?

The A-Tier is still considered extremely good. These are champions that you can easily pick and still win games. They're the ones you'll want to choose when the S-Tier are banned. So if you want to climb solo queue, then these are some picks you'll want to pick up this patch.


Win Rate

Pick Rate

Vladimir might have a negative win rate, but in higher elos he is a great mid lane pick. He's able to sustain freely, and he can deal a lot of damage. Sure sustain was nerfed, but he's still a great pick in the mid lane and will be able to dominate the meta.

Who Are Our B-Tier Mid Laners?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good, but won't have as much strength as either the A or S Tier — obviously. These are picks you can pick in specific match ups, but we suggest making sure you master the champion before choosing them.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate



Kassadin is going to be extremely strong this patch. He's able to burst opponents down in the late game, but he's also going to be much better and stronger in the early game thanks to the durability changes. This gives him time to become a strong late game carry.

Who Are Our F-Tier Mid Laners?

These are the picks we advise you to forget about this patch. Either their win rates are abysmal or they were nerfed in the patch. So make sure to avoid picking these champions at all costs... unless you really don't care for your LP and just want to play the one champion you main.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Ryze's win rate continues to fall into the abyss. I'm wondering if he'll ever have a win rate below 40%? I wouldn't be surprised. When will it be? My guess is Patch 12.13.

A lot of things have changed this patch, with hyperscaling late game champions rising to the top of the tier list. But, will you be playing these champions?