Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 13.11

Are assassins or mages better in the mid lane in League of Legends Patch 13.11? We take a look at the best mid laners in the current meta.

Mid lane tier list 13 11
Mid Lane Tierlist: These are the best champions right now. | © Riot Games

Even tho you could consider the current meta AD assassin favored, there are a bunch of awesome mid laners who deal magic damage instead! Is Aurelion Sol still dominating or did the nerfs he received in patch 13.11 hit him hard enough to knock him off his throne?

Let's check out the best mid lane champions in LoL Patch 13.11 to find out whether your favorite champion is OP right now.

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Who Are the Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 13.11?

Let's take a look at our top five picks in the mid lane!

5. Fizz

Fizz continues to be in a very good state right now. None of his core items got changed, however, he can survive almost every lane against an AD assassin and dodges crucial skill shots or engages with his e ability. This form of survivability has a huge value in this damage-heavy meta right now.

Little Devil Fizz
"The mighty shark stalks his prey!" | © Riot Games

Besides that, Fizz himself can deal crazy amounts of damage and after getting just slightly ahead in lane, the enemy will have a pretty hard time to not chain-die to him the rest of the game.

Will Fizz be able to take on this champ though:

Especially against mages like Lux and Anivia, he will have the upper hand in lane which gives him the opportunity to spread his lead onto his bot lane. Since the bot lane is without a doubt the most important lane this patch, ganking it a few times can do wonders to the course of the game.

4. Pantheon

Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear, is actually our only AD S-Tier pick for the mid lane for patch 13.11, which is quite surprising, since the jungle is overflowing with AD assassins right now! His point and click CC is more than useful and provides a great gank set-up for your jungler.

When playing him in the mid lane, you can choose to play Ignite over Teleport, since his Ultimate offers decent roaming potential or lets you get back to your lane rather quickly. Itemization-wise, Pantheon likes a bunch of AD and Lethality which puts him on the squishier side. However, his build in shield makes up for it!

3. Neeko

Oh Neeko, where are you hiding this time?

Our Curious Chameleon shakes up the Rift over the course of the last two patches quite a bit. You can find her in almost every position at the moment, but most prominent in the mid lane or in the jungle. In both versions, she is incredibly strong and has definitely good one shot potential!

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
"People with no tails, are they lonely? Yes!" | © Riot Games

Neeko can constantly fool the whole enemy team, forcing them to fall for fake calls all the time. Especially one thing is important, when playing against Neeko: Count the enemy minions! If you see four Caster Minions, there is a high chance Neeko might be one of them!

2. Annie

Annie has been one of the best champions on the rift these last patches, and she will continue to stand her ground on the mid lane and even in the support position for patch 13.11. She has huge build diversity, meaning you can either be the main damage dealer, or play her as a supportive mid laner as well. Her little shield can sometimes be the reason your ADC is still alive after a fight.

Since Tibbers got some massive buffs lately, Annie can even make up for a lack of tanks, if your team refuses to pick one, by sending out her huge teddy bear to be the perfect frontline. She is just overall a great pick and easy to learn if you feel like swapping your role to mid lane.

1. Ahri

Ahri keeps herself in the current meta. Are we even surprised though? She might not have gotten any direct buffs, neither did any items she builds, but with some of her competition getting nerfed, she is back to being the go-to mobile mage in League of Legends.

Snow moon ahri
"To stay strong, I hunt. But I'm no longer afraid to lose control." | © Riot Games

Our Nine-Tailed Fox is a really versatile pick, since you can build her either purely for the perfect one shot or a little more on the supportive side. With some extra slows provided through Everfrost, she is an absolute crowd control beast! She is a great pick and quite easy to learn as well, with her abilities being pretty basic and easy to understand. This is honestly just a great time to pick her up!

Mid Lane Tier List Patch 13.11 in League of Legends

Mid tier list 13 11

Now that we have looked at the S-Tier of LoL Patch 13.11, it's about time that we check out where some of your other favorite champions are. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Mid Laners?

The A-Tier is still considered extremely good. These are champions that you can easily pick and still win games. They're the ones you'll want to choose when the S-Tier are banned. So if you want to climb solo queue, then these are some picks you'll want to pick up this patch.


Win Rate

Pick Rate

Aurelion Sol




Anivia is a great pick in LoL Patch 13.11 once more. She is a bit boring to play, but she can help out with objective control and just be a great supportive mid laner to scure those crucial objectives.

Talon still profits off of the new assassins items just like Zed does. He could be one of the better mid laners for this patch as well, since he has high mobility and can one shot squishy target with ease.

Who Are Our B-Tier Mid Laners?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good, but won't have as much strength as either the A or S Tier — obviously. These are picks you can pick in specific match ups, but we suggest making sure you master the champion before choosing them.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate











Akali did find her way back into the A-Tier! The latest buffs regarding her Q Ability will definitely do wonders for her!

Who Are Our F-Tier Mid Laners?

These are the picks we advise you to forget about this patch. Either their win rates are abysmal or they were nerfed in the patch. So make sure to avoid picking these champions at all costs... unless you really don't care for your LP and just want to play the one champion you main.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Luckily, Azir could escape the F-Tier due to his recent buffs. He is still a very hard to play champion, but a little easier now especially in the early game. All of these other picks are either OP or F-tier, there is no in between, since they are hard to balance with pro play in mind. Unfortunately they are kept relatively weak, because otherwise it would be all we see the pros play.

There are a ton of potent mid laners right now and almost every play style can fit into the current meta. Even some flex picks like Gragas could be possible now and then! And beware of the extra minion in your waves!

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