Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.9

Are assassins or mages better in the mid lane in Patch 12.9? We take a look at the five best mid laners in the current meta.
Prestige Project Zed Tier List
Zed is one of the strongest mid laners in this patch. | © Riot Games

League of Legends patch 12.09 doesn't see many changes in the mid lane, but there is still some interesting stuff, mostly in terms of nerfs and adjustments. For example, Pyke has been overhauled, and it could be that this update was the final nail in the coffin for Mid Lane Pyke. Does it crash in the tier list too?

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because you often have to carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the mid lane.

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Who Are the Best Mid Laners in LoL Patch 12.9?

2. Vex

Vex has been a great champion since her release in September last year. She's got everything you want. A shield, a fear to stop enemies from dashing onto her, as well as a resetting ultimate. In other words, she's stacked but doesn't feel OP.

Dawnbringer Vex Skin
We love Vex! | © Riot Games

Vex is also an extremely simple champion to understand, which makes her great for solo queue. You'll be able to get the hang of her in a few games, and if you go up against a Yasuo or Yone, you're pretty safe, thanks to your shield. She's a great champion in any meta, to be honest.

1. Zed

We can't have a solo queue mid lane champion without mentioning Zed. This guy is obnoxious to go up against. His roaming and burst damage are insane, making him one of the hardest champions to face in League of Legends.

PsyOps Zed
Blink and you're dead. | © Riot Games

His consistent burst is the key. He can pop squishy backliners with ease. When it comes to fights, he just has to get into the backline and the carry will be dead within seconds. He's able to move quickly and efficiently, making him one of the most mobile champions. You can't go wrong with him in this patch.

Mid Lane Tier List Patch 12.9 in League of Legends

Mid lane tier list 12 9
Ahri and Pyke have dropped into the A tier. | © Riot Games

Now that we have looked at the S-Tier of LoL Patch 12.9, it's about time that we check out where some of your other favorite champions are. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Mid Laners?

The A-Tier is still considered extremely good. These are champions that you can easily pick and still win games. They're the ones you'll want to choose when the S-Tier are banned. So if you want to climb solo queue, then these are some picks you'll want to pick up this patch.


Win Rate

Pick Rate

Even though Ahri dropped out of the S tier, she will still be a strong pick. The higher cooldowns might bother her a bit, but her qualities haven't changed.

Who Are Our B-Tier Mid Laners?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good, but won't have as much strength as either the A or S Tier — obviously. These are picks you can pick in specific match ups, but we suggest making sure you master the champion before choosing them.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate





Swain got a little rework with LoL Patch 12.08 and is now a strong midlane pick again. Although his pick rate still has room for improvement, the rework was certainly a success overall.

Who Are Our F-Tier Mid Laners?

These are the picks we advise you to forget about this patch. Either their win rates are abysmal or they were nerfed in the patch. So make sure to avoid picking these champions at all costs... unless you really don't care for your LP and just want to play the one champion you main.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Ryze's win rate continues to fall into the abyss. I'm wondering if he'll ever have a win rate below 40%? I wouldn't be surprised. When will it be? My guess is Patch 12.13.

With LoL Patch 12.10, things will definitely get pretty exciting on the midlane. That's when the Durability Update goes live, and that's bound to mess up the meta a bit.