Best Supports In LoL Patch 12.9

We take a look at the top-tier supports in LoL Patch 12.9. Which champions are the best picks in the current meta?
I Blitzcrank skin lol
He's back! | © Riot Games

It's finally here, folks! Thresh got buffed! But it was about time, wasn't it? His win rate has been absolute garbage for months, and with such a great support, that's just sad. Hopefully, the buff in LoL patch 12.9 will help him get back into the meta.

In this LoL tier list, we'll show you the best champions for each lane. We especially focus on win rate and the carry potential because you often must carry your teammates in any given game. Today, we will look at the Support position.

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Who Are The Best Supports In LoL Patch 12.9?

2. Bard

Bard is back in the top tier of supports! The wandering protector from a galaxy far, far away received some buffs in Patch 12.8 that have taken him to new heights again. There is hardly any support with which you can have such a big impact on the game.

Astronaut bard
How can you not love Bard?! | © Riot Games

With Bard, you must always keep moving! By that I don't just mean that you should whiz up and down your lane, but that you can also make a detour into the jungle or into the mid lane. The little chimes you can collect give you mana and movement speed while you travel. Only then can you unleash Bard's full potential!

1. Blitzcrank

You lock in Blitzcrank and everyone on the enemy team is shivering in fear. All you have to do is hide in a bush, use your hook and miss — wait no, that's wrong, you should actually hit your target. Bad aim aside, if you do end up landing a hook, then the opponent hit will have quite a bad time – death is in his imminent future.

Blitzcrank Patch 12.6
Be afraid of the hook! | © Riot Games

Blitzcrank is one of the best supports, and he has been quite impactful in solo queue for a while. You can’t go wrong with him. Just watch this clip, and you’ll be convinced to pick the robot this patch.

Support Tier List Patch 12.9 in League of Legends

Support tier list 12 9
Thresh finally got some buffs again! | © Riot Games

Now that we have looked at the S-Tier of LoL Patch 12.9, it's about time that we check out where some of your other favorite champions are. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Support Champions?

The A-Tier is still considered extremely good. These are champions that you can easily pick and still win games. They're the ones you'll want to choose when the S-Tier are banned. So if you want to climb solo queue, then these are some picks you'll want to pick up this patch.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate
Renata Glasc51.48%4.45%



Nautilus is one of the most popular supports in the game, and for good reason. Whether it's low Elo or the Mid-Season Invitational, he always shows what he's made of. His hook is an incredible engage, he has more CC than almost any other support, and he can take damage too! What more do you want?

Who Are Our B-Tier Support Champions?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good, but won't have as much strength as either the A or S Tier — obviously. These are picks you can choose in specific match ups, but we suggest making sure you master the champion before choosing them.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate

Thresh's win rate is still pretty meager, but with Patch 12.09 he finally got a buff. Now he gets more AP and armor per collected soul and his lantern's shield is also strengthened as it scales with souls. That will definitely make him more powerful again.

Who Are Our F-Tier Support Champions?

These are the picks we advise you to forget about this patch. Either their win rates are abysmal or they were nerfed in the patch. So make sure to avoid picking these champions at all costs.


Win Rate

Pick Rate

Sett remains in the F-tier with this patch. As off-meta as it is, it just doesn't seem to work. My heart screams because I too tried to revolutionize the support meta back then with Movement Speed ​​Tahm Kench. Something like that is only possible if you are called Faker and play at T1. Sniff.

The support meta changes little by little. What do you think, will we still see one of the buffed champions like Bard at MSI? I hope so - after all, we want to be entertained!