Best Top Laners In LoL Patch 12.18: Tier List

In League of Legends, the top lane has been dominated by bruisers and fighters in recent patches. Will we be seeing this trend continue in LoL Patch 12.18 as well?

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Let's check out the best top laners! | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

The top lane hasn't had much change this time around. Sure, Maokai has found his spot in the top lane and he's become pretty dominant, but other than that not too many differences seem to have taken hold of the meta. So let's check out our Top Lane tierlist to figure out who the best top laners will be during the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

In this LoL tier list, we introduce you to the best champions from the current patch. We mainly focus on win rate and carry potential. Let's face it, how often do you really have to carry your mates across the Rift? Very often. So today we're looking at the top lane.

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LoL Patch 12.18: Best Top Laners

3. Aatrox

Aatrox is unkillable. With the changes to sustain he's a pick you can't let through the draft if you're not the one to play him. Even champions like Fiora who are the top tier 1-vs-1 champions have problems against this guy. The self-sustain, the damage all of it comes together in this one champion.

Victorious Aatrox
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Aatrox has one of the most powerful ultimates in all of League of Legends right now. He powers up, gains health and can destroy anyone if you land a combo... seriously, you cannot kill this guy once he gets going. This makes him an insanely strong frontliner that you won't want to pass up on.

2. Darius

Darius is king in League of Legends Patch 12.18 once more. Seriously, this is not a champion you want to deal with. He can deal damage over time, he can one-shot you even with the durability update, and he can survive through long fights. Sounds like he's got everything you need in a champion, eh?

Bioforge Darius
Gotta love this champion, right? | © Riot Games

Tanks are pretty popular in the current meta, which means Darius can easily wreck them and shred through them. You won't be able to blind pick a tank if Darius isn't banned, making him one annoying and scary opponent thanks to his strengths.

1. Shen

Shen has already been a great top laner before, but this patch just makes him stand a step above the rest. Shen is going to abuse the early laning phase cooldown extension of teleport. What is Shen known for? Teleporting himself to an allied champion with his ultimate.

The change to teleport means top laners are even more on their own and won't be able to influence the map in the early stages of the game. Shen won't have this problem though because he's got his ultimate with which he can impact the map and the plays around him. Easy-peasy, lemon squeazy, am I right?

Oh, and did we mention that in League of Legends Patch 12.15 he got buffed as well? Sure, it's just a bit of an energy refund buff on his E, but it is going to make playing against Shen even worse. Good luck honey.

Top Laner Tier List Patch 12.18 in League of Legends

Top Lane Tier List Patch 12 18
Not much has changed in this patch for top laners. | © Riot Games/EarlyGame

Now that we have looked at the S-Tier of LoL Patch 12.17, it's about time that we check out where some of your other favorite champions are. Which of these picks is your main?

Who Are Our A-Tier Top Laners?

The A-Tier is still considered extremely good. These are champions that you can easily pick and still win games. They're the ones you'll want to choose when the S-Tier is banned. So if you want to climb solo queue, then these are some picks you'll want to pick up this patch.


Win Rate

Pick Rate









Maokai has seen an immense amount of play in the top lane since his changes. He's now got more agency and has become much better in other lanes. Goodbye support Maokai and welcome back to solo lanes!

Who Are Our B-Tier Top Laners?

The B-Tier consists of champions that are good, but won't have as much strength as either the A or S Tier — obviously. These are picks you can choose in specific match ups, but we suggest making sure you master the champion before choosing them.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate







Riven might be a harder champion to master, but she is so worth it. She's so strong in the current state and if you know how to use her combos, then you definitely should play some Riven this patch because she will dance around the opposition.

Who Are Our F-Tier Top Laners?

These are the picks we advise you to forget about this patch. Either their win rates are abysmal or they were nerfed in the patch. So make sure to avoid picking these champions at all costs.

ChampionWin RatePick Rate



Nasus was supposed to get some buffs this patch, but Riot pulled them for some odd reason, which means our favorite top lane doggo is going to continue to have a bad time in this patch as well. Hopefully they figure something out, because his kit is great, especially for players who want to start playing in the top lane.

This is the League of Legends World Championship patch so expect to see a lot of S and A tier picks at the event. Though, Gwen does always seem to be meta in pro play while she sucks in solo queue.