LoL Blue Essence Emporium: Return Date Revealed

Blue Essence Emporium is coming back to League of Legends and finally the release date has been revealed.

Blue Essence Emporium EG
LoL Blue Essence Emporium: It's finally back! | © Riot Games

League of Legends fans have been waiting for a long time to hear more about the Blue Essence Emporium. For a year now, players have been saving up hundreds and thousands of Blue Essence and they will finally be able to spend it again very soon!

In a recent dev update for July 2023, Riot Meddler and Brightmoon made some key announcements for anyone looking to get rid of Blue Essence that has been building up. There are a few other tech improvements that will also be shipped ahead of the Emporium.

LoL Blue Essence Emporium: Return Patch Revealed

Urfwick Skin Splash
You can finally get Urfwick again! | © Riot Games

Riot have just revealed their plans for the upcoming Blue Essence Emporium, which is going to go live very, very soon. Finally, Riot put the Emporium on ice last year, when they said they wanted to upgrade the tech behind it, to make it a more efficient event.

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Now, we finally got an update on the return of the Emporium and it will be live in LoL Patch 13.17 according to Riot Brightmoon. Not only are we going to be getting a new Essence Emporium, but the tech behind it has been improved.

We should be getting the Essence Emporium twice a year according to Brightmoon, so we can expect it back at the start of the 2024 League of Legends season.

If you have some champion shards left over, then you will also be able to mass-disenchant champions ahead of the Emporium. Brightmoon explained that this will be introduced before the Essence Emporium is going to go live.

So get ready, the Blue Essence Emporium is finally coming back to League of Legends! The Emporium should look similar or the same to before, but we're wondering what icons, emotes and skins will be added, or whether they're going to be the same as before.

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