New Darkin Champion: Release Date, Abilities, Lore & More

It's still a while until Riot releases the new Darkin Champion to League of Legends, but let's go over some of the things we already know about this mysterious champion. Is she really going to be a... dog?

Darkin Blade Dog Header
Who is the upcoming Darkin Dagger champion? | © Riot Games/Hoyoverse

The next League of Legends champion is going to be K'Sante from Shurima, and we also know that Riot is working on a male enchanter from Ixtal, but who else is going to be released? We've got the champion roadmap revealing the next few champion releases and updates and one champ caught our attention – the Darkin Dagger.

Darkin's are taking over Riot Games as we speak with the Legends of Runeterra reveal giving us four new Darkin characters. From having three Darkin champions in-game we've now doubled the number of known Darkin characters, pretty insane, right? So let's go over what we know about this specific champion who will inhabit the dagger seen above.

New Darkin Champion: Everything We Know

Will the Darkin Champion Be Human?

We know Riot is working on a monster champion. Sure, we all thought Bel'Veth would be that monster/creature champion, but she was once again a human-esque creature champion. In the August Roadmap video Riot made sure to only show her monstrous form, but let's be real she still resembles a human.

So, if Riot still has a true creature champion to reveal, then how about the new Darkin assassin that is in the works. A lot of fans have theorized whether the champion is going to be some form of dog. Some have also imagined it just being a dog with a knife in its mouth, but wouldn't that just be stolen from Dark Souls?

Is the upcoming Darkin going to end up on our list of annoying champions...?

Why Does Everyone Think the Darkin will be a Dog?

In the 2022 August Roadmap video Reav3 spoke about the upcoming Darkin champion and we all know Riot loves to throw in puns left right and center teasing the new champions and their designs, so players paid a lot of attention to the wording he used and well... there were quite a few dog puns thrown in there.

"One of the things the League community hounds me about"... "Darkin fans are like 'throw me a frickin' bone here!'"... "barkin' for some Darkin"... these were all quotes from the live stream and well, doesn't this just sound a lot like a dog?

With the possibility of Riot releasing a dog-like champion some fans are worried that they'll be going for something cute and adorable, but let's be real guys. The Darkin champions are all emo edgelords, so this won't be some cute little Yuumi look-alike champion.

Some think that this could also be a type of chimera, since the dagger Riot revealed has snakelike eyes, as well as something along a poison fang. Wait, but what even is a chimera? It's a being straight from Greek mythology which has a lion's head, goat's body and a serpent's tail. It's also a she-monster and we know that this Darkin champion is going to be female, so wouldn't a chimera-like champion just make sense?

Do We Know Anything About the Darkin Champions Lore?

Nothing has been revealed regarding the champions' lore, but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing who this Darkin could be. Some have theorized that this Darkin could be Varus' sister Valeeva who is the fourth Darkin of the Great 5 Darkins left in Runeterra.

Other than that we don't know much about the upcoming Darkin champion and their lore, but we do hope that their story somehow ties into the existing Darkin's in League of Legends. She is going to be the first female Darkin on Summoner's Rift – while three new Darkin weapons have been revealed in Legends of Runeterra – all female.

When Will the New Darkin Champion Release?

According to Riot, this champion has been pushed back and will be coming sometime in 2023. Originally they were supposed to be released after the upcoming Aurelion Sol CGU which is set to hit the rift at the end of 2022, but the champion will likely be released after the upcoming male enchanter from Ixtal.

So, if you're hyped for this Darkin, then get ready because in 2023 we will finally have another edgy weapon. Soon we're going to be able to play as a whole team of Darkin's. What could a Darkin support look like though? Let us know on Discord!