LoL: Jax ASU Announced – Will He Have A Real Weapon?

League of Legends champion Jax just received a gameplay update at the start of LoL Season 13 and now he is also going to be getting an Art and Sustainability update in 2023 as well. Jax mains are getting fed.

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LoL: Jax is going to be getting an ASU in 2023! | © Riot Games

It hasn't even been a whole half year since the Jax Mid-Scope Update made him one of the best top lane champions in League of Legends. But it seems that Riot isn't stopping there and is going to be giving this champion even more love.

Not too long ago it was revealed that Teemo and Lee Sin would be getting Art and Sustainability Updates, well now we can add one more champion to that list, because Jax is also going to get an ASU.

LoL Jax ASU: What Will His Weapon Look Like

One of the most popular quotes from Jax is "imagine if I had a real weapon" and when we heard that he was getting an Art and Sustainability update, we immediately questioned whether he would get a new weapon instead of the old, run down lamp post he's been using since his release to cobble down enemies.

Well, the question has been answered and while Jax is going to receive a visual upgrade, his weapon will stay the same. Of course, Riot is going to make it look much cooler than it was before, giving it a meaningful backstory.

The lamp post is the only thing Jax has left of his home city of Icathia, before the Void swallowed it whole. Obviously he would not let go of it, which just means he's not able to wield a "real" weapon while also holding onto a heavy lamp post, right?

When Will The Jax ASU Release?

This Jax ASU comes after Riot revealed that Skarner's VGU will be taking a bit longer than anticipated, meaning the art team behind the Skarner VGU has had time to work on Jax.

Therefore, we can expect the Jax ASU to be released later in 2023, while Skarner's update has been pushed back to 2024.

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