LoL Devs Reveal Better Tech For AI Practice Bots

Riot is working on their bot AI in the latest League of Legends update. Bots have been in the game since the very beginning of LoL, but never gotten much love. This should change now, as the new bots should be more lifelike and act like real players.

We all know the feeling after a few PvP games where we tried out a new Champion and just... well... failed. Big time. Luckily, we can just try out some new stuff in a PvE match – where we encounter bots that are even worse than those mean comments before. But this will change now!

Riot devs announced they will re-investing in bots and make them much more lifelike in order to be better training buddies.

LoL: Real Game Environment With Better Bots – New AI For Practice Bots

Two Champions in top lane and no jungle – that's how bots tried to simulate a real game in LoL since 2014. Nobody was a fan of that and hopefully, we won't see behavior like this much longer.

Riot released a blog post on April 28 with promising changes. They announced clear goals for bots in order to make them more helpful for us.

New Bots Behave More Lifelike

The following changes will be made:

  • Bots can jungle, gank, and even take dragons
  • Team AI should help bots work more strategically and cohesively
  • Bots can react towards meta shifts

And that is not it. We will also see an expanded champion pool, editable bot behavior and new game modes. Will be interesting if bots then actually can scale mid-game to match our skill.

No doubt, if they make their new AI upgrade work, bots will be much better in mirroring a true gameplay experience. Especially helpful for all newcomers – but also nice if we try out new Champs. Well... we will still have to wait some time until Skarner gets gud.

The new beta bots will be live in the latter half of this year. You can watch the latest midseason update from the devs right here:

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