LoL: Riot Making Huge Mythic Changes – Removing Them Completely Is An Option

Riot is planning some huge changes in the future for LoL. One of the systems that was introduced just a few years ago is going to be removed from the game, maybe. So, will mythic items stay?

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LoL: Mythic items are being changed this mid-season. | © Riot Games

Riot is looking to make some big changes this mid-season. It was already announced not too long ago that LoL Patch 13.10 will be a bigger patch, and in the most recent dev-blog it was also announced that they will be looking into mythic items especially to make some changes.

Now, Riot is looking to introduce a huge revert from the 2021 Preseason which could shake up Summoner's Rift as we know it.

LoL Mythic Items: The Good And The Bad

Mythic items were introduced during the 2021 League of Legends preseason along with a whole item shop UI update, which has gone over quite well. Mythic items look cool and there has been a rise in flexibility according to Riot when it comes to a champions' first legendary item.

Mythic items have also helped make the game more approachable for newer players since they know that is the item to go for first when deciding on a build.

But there have also been quite a few things that aren't working for mythic items, like item satisfaction.

Prioritizing optimization and choice over satisfying designs has left a lot of champions needing to buy a relatively less exciting item more often than they get their coolest choice.

In the official blog from Riot, Riot Axes gave Morgana as an example of a champion who will prioritize the low-damage Zhonya's over Liandrie's every single time due to the sheer power the stop watch has.

Not only is satisfaction an issue with mythics, but it's also been noted that mythics cause some issues with content creation for the game, since the developers have to think of every existing mythic and their relationships within the mythic structure.

Another issue with them is their complexity, especially for items like Everfrost or Duskblade which cause frustration for players and the generalist content, which means that mythics have to fit every champion of that type. For example every 'fighter mythic' should fit every fighter, meaning that these items are very general and just have way too many outputs.

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ADC Items are getting overhauled! | © Riot Games

How Will Riot Change Mythic Items Going Forward?

Since Riot is resetting the season halfway through the year we will have a small mini-preseason in the middle where Riot is going to be undergoing some major tests on mythic items. Don't worry guys the jungle is safe this time.

Riot is going to try and make mythic items high-power, high-satisfaction items that will define a build, instead of it just being a part of a usual builds.

Riot will be doing a lot of research on ADC mythic items, since they have the least amount of build variance, leading to a very constrained build path for the class itself.

One of those changes will be adding more items into the mix of mythics, with Inifnity Edge, Navori Quickblades and Rageblade getting added, while KRaken Slayer and Shieldbow will be demoted to legendary items. Oh, and Statikk Shiv is coming back.

Enchanter and Lethality Items will also be adjusted, with lethality being targeted due to game health in general, while enchanter items are meant to be moree fun and satisfying to use for the players themselves.

LoL Mythic Items Could Be Deleted

These changes will then be assessed by the Riot balance and preseason team to make an executive decision on mythic items as a whole. In the Dev blog Riot Meddler even revealed that they could be removing the item class completely, thus reverting one of the biggest changes from the 2021 Preseason.

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