LoL: Skarner VGU Has Been Officially Delayed

Skarner has been one hell of a project for Riot with his Visual and Gameplay Update taking a very long time. Now the LoL Champion's update has been officially delayed by Riot.

Skarner 0
Skarner VGU: Sadly it's been delayed. | © Riot Games

Skarner was voted for as the champion to receive a VGU in 2023. With almost no information on the Visual and Gameplay Update from Riot throughout the 2022 season, many fans had already given up hope, but finally, Riot addressed the Brackern in the room.

Skarner, is going to still get his VGU, that much is certain, especially with a lot of new information being released not too long ago, but it's going to take longer than most had anticipated.

LoL: Skarner's VGU Will Release Next Year

In the most recent dev blog, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, Lead producer of gameplay and League of Legends, revealed some sad information for those four Skarner mains out there. The VGU has been delayed.

In the video he revealed plans for new, upcoming champions like Naafiri the new Darkin assassin, as well as the new jungle champion Riot has been working on. He then revealed that Skarner's VGU is likely to be released in 2024, rather than 2023 as most had anticipated.

Don't worry he's still in development, but we're going to need some extra time to make sure we get his gameplay just right. What that means is that Skarner won't make it out this year and is looking more like next year.

This could be good for the champion though if the team takes their time to get everything on his kit right, since this is going to be a huge update for the champion and a huge improvement on his play rate overall.

It's better they take their time than to rush the champion and have him be a broken mess when he releases with millions of in-game bugs. So, we're excited to see what this new Ixtal-version of the champion is going to look like on Summoner's Rift.

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