LoL: Riot Planning More Changes To Emote Wheel

Recently on the PBE, players realized they could have more then five emotes on the emote wheel in LoL. Now it seems that there are even more changes in store for those who love to use them.

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LoL: More Emotes means more fun! | © Riot Games

The League of Legends team has been hard at work. By deprecating the 32-bit operating system support for the LoL client, a lot of space has been freed up which Riot can now use to implement some much needed and wanted QoL changes.

One of those can already be found on the PBE with Riot expanding the emote wheel from five to nine. Yes, there will be many more emotes players can use, but Riot isn't stopping there, with more emote changes planned for the future.

LoL: More Emote Changes Planned

Riot is slowly implementing some changes to League of Legends that fans have been asking for a while. They'll be looking over itemization and the mythic item system, as well as giving older champions a much-needed facelift.

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In the most recent dev blog, Riot Meddler also revealed that the team is currently working on expanding the emote wheel, something that anyone on the PBE has already seen as well.

But Meddler also explained that this isn't where the fun stops, but that the team has some more ideas on how to improve emotes. One of the ideas is to have easier and better search options, so players can customize their emote wheels with more ease.

Another idea was to have multiple emote wheel pages, so players can toggle between them before a game to choose which set of their emotes they might want to use.

These are just tentative ideas, with Meddler even asking the community to voice their opinions and ideas on how to implement and improve emotes in the game. So if you love emotes and to use them, now is your time to shine.

Emotes are a key part of the game and even pro players use them, sometimes even in ways you could never imagine.

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