LoL Streamer Tyler1 Has Finally Achieved His EUW Goal

After 821 games in 42 days, Tyler1 has finally reached his goal on the EUW server. Time for a well-deserved break, eh?

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LoL: Tyler1 has finally done it! He's reached his goal in Europe. | © Riot Games

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has finally done it. The League of Legends streamer came to Europe to dominate and even though he had a rough start, he's finally achieved his journey, with the entire League of Legends community watching his every move.

Tyler1 is probably one of the most controversial LoL players out there with many either hating him or loving him, and when he came to Europe to reach Challenger, it was a hard climb from the start.

LoL: Tyler1 Averages 10-Hours Of League A Day To Reach Challenger

Tyler1 came to Berlin to conquer the EUW server and to finally put to rest the question "is EU better than NA". Finally, on April 27, 2023 the streamer seems to have achieved his goal, with the ranked ladder resetting.The cut-off for Challenger on EUW is 1,024 LP and Tyler1 has managed to amass 1,025 LP by the time he reaches Challenger.

Tyler ended up playing most of his game off-stream after being plagued by stream snipers, as well as trolls at the beginning of his trip. He then buckled, down, turned off stream and went to work, averaging about 10-hours a day of pure League of Legends action.

In total, he played 821 games, in just over a month. Some players don't even play 820 League of Legends matches in an entire season, so to do that in just a month is also crazy and borders on obsession... but that's just an opinion.

Tyler's most played champion was Ivern with a 57% win rate according to, while his best was Karthus bot which has been one of the most broken picks in the bot lane for a while. His bot lane Karthus has a 62% win rate, in 131 games, with his mid lane Cho'Gath also scoring high at 90 games played and a 60% win rate.

Tyler capped off his Challenger run with a win rate of 55%, but most players believe he could have reached a 60% win rate, as well as made it to Challenger in fewer games, had he been playing off stream from the start, as well as with a private account.

The saga of Tyler1 reaching Challenger on EUW is over now though. Now it's time for him to conquer the Chinese Super Server, eh?

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