LoL: Tyler1's Behavior In Challenger Climb Sparks Toxicity Debate

Recently, Tyler1 has reached Challenger on the EUW server, playing most of his games off-stream. Now, some screenshots of his behavior have leaked online, sparking a debate on toxicity in League of Legends.

Tyler1s Behavior In Challenger Climb Sparks Toxicity Debate
LoL: Should Tyler1 be getting suspended? | © Tyler1

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has done it. After about 40 days of grinding he's reached the highest tier possible in League of Legends on the EUW server. On April 27, 2023, he finally reached Challenger with 1,025 LP, but the climb wasn't easy, filled with stream snipers and trolls.

Deciding to play most games off stream, he managed almost 10-hours daily of League of Legends to reach his goal. Now that he has made it to Challenger, some screenshots of his in-game behavior have come to light, splitting the community.

LoL: Screenshots Of Tyler1's Behavior Surface Online

On Reddit, a user posted a couple of screenshots which don't paint the popular streamer in the best light, asking the community whether he should be punished by Riot for saying derogatory, as well as hurtful things to his teammates.

It's clear that Tyler was pretty frustrated when he told teammates to "headshot themselves", but does frustration excuse saying something like this? Hardly. Tyler was on a mission to reach Challenger and encountering bad players, or players having a bad day in one's team doesn't help this climb, but it is never an excuse to tell someone to "pull the trigger".

The comments under the post are split, with some stating that Riot barely ever does anything when it comes to famous steamers and their behavior, with others also stating that Tyler has done more for League of Legends than the Riot marketing team in the last few years.

Others stated that the comments Tyler has made are some of the "softest messages" they've seen on EUW, while another comment simply excused Tyler's messages as something that anyone would say after playing 800 games in 40 days.

Be toxic? Nah, just get the Player Diff tag:

Another Reddit user though wrote that it's players like Tyler1 who are consistently verbally toxic, and show their viewers such behavior, that enable toxicity in the game.

The ones this community fervently defends are the same ones showing their viewers this kind of behavior is acceptable.

This issue seems to have really split the League of Legends community, with some believing that this isn't the worst of what could have been said, while others think that streamers like Tyler1, or even TheBausffs, need to be held accountable for their actions in the game, since they're the ones who players look up to.

One thing is for sure though, toxicity, no matter who it's from and in what context should not be celebrated. Whether Tyler was lashing out at trolls, or someone was intentionally feeding, all of these behaviors do not belong in League of Legends and should never be normalized.

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