5 Reasons Why Yuumi Should be Deleted from League of Legends

Those who decide to play Yuumi probably lost all rhyme and reason to live. That's how it'll always be. Yuumi is that piece of lego you forget to clean up and then step on. She is pain and she is not fun. That's why I believe Yuumi should be deleted from the game.

yuumi delete
Yuumi is probably one of the most annoying, boring and awful creations to ever come to League of Legends. Some reasons why follow.

I'm not the only one who feels this way. There is even a petition on change.org which wants Yuumi removed from the game. Hell, even Riot isn't convinced of their own creation and when asked if they believe that she is balanced they simply said 'no'. These are the same people who designed her and have now caused me sleepless nights. What will it take for this cat to finally be deleted from the game?

  • Yuumi isn't a champion, but check out Jinx, Akali or Yone. Now those require some skills!

But EarlyGame is a journalistic website, and we want to keep that integrity. So while I would love to rant about cats for the entire article, I'll also be giving you cold hard facts about why Yuumi should be deleted.

Should Yuumi be deleted from League of Legends?

The answer to that question is quite simple. It's a solid 'Yes', Yuumi should be deleted from League of Legends. Not only is she some stray that leaves her tics all over her team when she is on picked, but also spreads tilt like it's nobody's business when she is picked by the enemy support.

1. Pets Have no Business on Summoner's Rift

LoL is a game for hard champions that punch one another in the face. If they don't have strong fists, then they use weapons to slice one another open. This isn't the CFA International Cat Show – I did have to google that, and it's fancy as heck – but a Warfield where sweet kittens get trampled to the ground. I'm looking at your Norra, keep your pet away from Summoner's Rift and remove Yuumi from the game!

2. The Gameplay is not Interactive

Honestly, Yuumi just flies around on her book and attaches herself to her ADC like a clingy ex who just doesn't understand that it's over. Oh, and the only interaction is her detaching herself from the ADC every once in a while to throw out an auto-attack to proc her shield. Wow. I think I'm a mechanical god when I only need to hit 1 key.

  • Aatrox and Ezreal are actual champions with gameplay. So play them instead.

3. You Can't Kill Yuumi

If you're mad about this point, then well done. You're on the correct side of the rift – the one Yuumi isn't on. All of those unlucky souls who have to play with the cat on their team unfortunately automatically lose -20 LP and gain nightmares. Those who pick Yuumi on purpose end up burned at the stake. Seriously, Yuumi just hops from teammate to teammate, evading death, and it's annoying as hell. Please Riot, delete Yuumi from League.

4. Yuumi Can Never Play Alone

It isn't Yuu and Mi in paradise. There is no paradise here when it comes to Yuumi. No religion on this planet will forgive you for insta-locking the cat from hell. Seriously, divine punishment will reign down on those who do so and nobody can help the sinners there.

Yuumi also can't stand on her own four feet. She is bound to a partner and can't do anything on her own. She is a mere shield bot who hangs off her ADC like an annoying piece of gum that you can't get rid of, no matter how hard you try to scrape your shoe against the ground.

  • Check out Akshan, the next League of Legends champion who won't suck like Yuumi!

And kills, don't even think about those. Yuumi is the most passive champion in the game, chilling on the shoulders of her ADC. Hell, go make some tea, have a short nap and wake up every once in a while to press E for a heal here and there. That's basically all she is good for anyway, so it's best she is just deleted from League of Legends.

5. Yuumi is Just a Badly Designed Champion

Riot, please do your best to listen to us and delete this hellcat from the game. This champion is just bad. Nobody gains anything from her, except maybe a few extra minutes of much-needed sleep, but she isn't even a good champion. Riot, you've buffed her and nothing has changed. Let us all agree that the game would be a much better place if Yuumi wasn't part of the champion pool. So please, just delete Yuumi from League of Legends.

This article was originally written by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther in German and does not represent my views on the Champion Yuumi at all. I actually enjoy the cat champion, so please Riot, don't delete Yuumi from League of Legends.