Confirmed: PS Exclusive Coming To Game Pass

A new background image for Xbox Game Pass has been spotted, and it highly implies that a certain Sony game is making it's way on to Game Pass.

Death Stranding Game Pass
Are the console wars finally over? | © Microsoft / Sony

Look, we aren't being paid by Xbox here, but it's becoming impossible to not buy the Game Pass. Hell, just last week the Game Pass became even cheaper! And what fantastic games it has.

But obviously there are some amazing games we'll never get on the Game Pass: Sony-owned IPs, for example. Or will we?

[Update: August 19]

Official: Death Stranding Coming To Game Pass

We had the leaks before (check out our report on that below) and now it's official: Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass. This was now officially confirmed by Xbox Wire on Twitter.

The game will launch onto the service on August 23. The game has been brought by Sony to PC before, now it will be available on Microsoft's games service. Wild times. However, this doesn't yet mean an Xbox version of the game will come. We also think that is unlikely. But getting a game which was PS-exclusive for over a year onto PC Game Pass is still a big deal. And the game is great! So enjoy your time with Death Stranding.

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Death Stranding Spotted On Game Pass Image

A new background image appeared in the PC Game Pass app, and it comes from Death Stranding. To those left saying "so?" Allow us to explain. Death Stranding was originally published by Sony for PlayStation, and so this seems bizarre to now see it on the Xbox Game Pass. You can check out the image from Death Stranding used on Game Pass below:

Now for Death Stranding, even though Sony own the IP, Kojima went to 505 for the publishing of the PC version. It must be this little detail that allowed 505 to shop it to PC Game Pass. But still, this is a huge step-forward in beginning the peace process between Sony and Microsoft (seriously, lawyers are getting involved between these two in Brazil right now).

How Has Microsoft Responded?

Microsoft are joking about on Twitter, which is something their social media teams would only have been given permission to do if Death Stranding really is coming to the Game Pass. Here they are joking along with the confused gamers:

So...this news is pretty much confirmed. Death Stranding is coming to PC. Will you be getting it? Or are you still playing the Game of the Year?

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