EA Sports Reveals Official Logo For EAFC – Their Next FIFA

EA Sports won't release another FIFA. After the publishers and the World Football Federation have parted ways, we will see a different game named EA Sports FC. EA revealed the new logo.

EAFC EA Sports FC Logo Reveal
EAFC Logo: EA shows their next FIFA game under different name and new logo. | © EA Sports

We waited hours and days and months – now we know what the new logo of EA Sports' FIFA successor will look like. The Canadian publisher revealed the official EAFC logo on April 6.

As we already know, we can look forward to more leagues and new stadiums – and we will be able to play with all real life stars even if the FIFA is making their own game (sooner or later).

EAFC Logo: EA Reveals New EA Sports FC

The new triangle style brand identity is inspired by their player indicator we all know from countless matches over all those years.

There is sooo much we expect from their next game. We summed up all official Information but especially leaks over the past months: