EarlyGame Partners Up With Displate

We at EarlyGame are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Displate!

EarlyGame x Displate

As we are all gamers here, our passion is clear! But sometimes it's hard to capture the gaming spirit in our setups apart from expensive hardware and flashy LEDs.
This is were Displate comes into play! With their awesome metal posters they offer designs for every true gamer. With official partners such as StarWars, Marvel, Call of Duty, The Witcher, Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, just to name a few, there's definitley something for everyone.

We have teamed up with Displate to always bring you the best possible offers, especially now during Black Week and to bring your Gaming Setup to the next level!

Keep reading to find how you can win up to six Displates of your choice!

Displate Black Friday

You have probably heard from other wall art and are afraid of damaging your wall or needing a drill but don't worry, with Displate, these are concerns of the past!

Since Displates are made out of metal, you can use the provided magnets to mount the posters to your wall. The installation takes less than 20 seconds and can be removed at any time! You can customize, collect and rearrange them at will.

Reactions From Both Teams

Not just our community, but also Henri from EarlyGame and Dora from Displate are excited about this partnership!

"Here at Displate, we’re always close to people driven by passion. Gamers are one of them – and we’re happy to hear they love decorating their rooms with our officially licensed video game metal posters! Something tells me that Displates will look great on the walls of EarlyGame’s fans, too! I can’t wait to run more collaborative projects with their passionate team."

– Dorota Uslu, Communication Specialist at Displate

Displate Black Friday Square

"Since just like our community the EarlyGame staff consists entirely of true gamers, they all were super excited when we announced our partnership with Displate to them and we can already see that our community feels the same way about it. The metal posters from Displate are a great way to bring any gaming setup to the next level and I am greatly looking forward to an incredible partnership that will provide tremendous value to all parties involved."

– Henri Metzger, Head of Partnerships at EarlyGame

We are super excited to announce this partnership to you and are already blown away by your past feedback, but it doesn't end here!

Join EarlyGame x Displate Black Friday Giveaway

We are celebrating our partnership by giving away some Displates to you!

It only takes a few seconds to participate and it will definitely be worth your time, since you can win up to 3 Displates of your choice!

Click here or on the image below to level up your gaming space! Good luck!

Displate Black Friday Giveaway