Forspoken Preload: Download Size & Start Time Revealed – It's Huge!

All Forspoken preload details have just been revealed. The action-adventure by Square Enix and Luminous Productions is coming on January 24, but can already be downloaded ahead of release. Here's the download size and the start time for the preload.

Forspoken Frey keyart
Forspoken pre-load details just got revealed. | © Square Enix

Forspoken is releasing soon on January 24, but players will be able to preload the game ahead of launch. That's good news, as the game size, which has also been revealed, is pretty big.

Forspoken PreLoad: Details Revealed

The preload date and download size for the PS5 version of Forspoken have been revealed by PlayStation Game Size via Twitter. According to them, the game will be available for preloading on January 22 with a download site of 87.3 GB on PS5.

That's quite a big chonker, but two days should give you enough time to get that baby downloaded on your PlayStation. The date hasn't been confirmed yet for PC, even though we assume it will be the same. However, we do know the file size and... oh boy...

On PC, Forspoken will have a ridiculous file size of 150 GB. The game is set to be around 30 hours long, and while it is next-gen exclusive, we don't really see a reason why the game is that huge. It points to a potentially unoptimized PC version, but let's hope it's not too bad.

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