GTA Online Player Becomes Billionaire, Took Them 180,000 Hours

Becoming a billionaire in GTA 5 is harder than you might think. Someone actually did it and spent over 2 years in total in-game.

They have reached 2 years of playtime in GTA 5 online | © Rockstar Games

GTA 5 came out in 2013, so it almost reached the ten-year mark. But let's be honest: did any of us really play GTA continuously throughout these 9 years? GTA is one of those games that you never get tired of, but also don't play on a daily basis for such a long time. Well, someone did, and they might be one of the richest people in GTA 5 now, but you'll never believe how much playtime it took them.

GTA Online Billionaire - How they did it

You might think 2 months of playtime in GTA 5 is quite much? Well, Reddit user "jamcar70" posted a screenshot of their GTA online stats, containing 2 years of playtime and an over 1 billion dollar bank account, on the GTA online Subreddit.

Finally! $1 Billion from gtaonline

If we do the math on this and just assume that they have played the game since it first came out, it means that this player has spent at least 5 and a half hours EVERY DAY, since the game first came out in 2013. This is really hard to believe and someone in the comment section even calculated that they have, since then, spent 23.278% of their life playing GTA 5.

Becoming a billionaire in GTA is one thing, a handful of people did that before... But spending that much time on a video game is something else. Although the person has confirmed they only spent 1 hour a day actively in the game and the rest of the time they were AFK whilst their businesses & safes refilled. We're not sure if they spent one hour every day for nine years or just in the last few years, but nevertheless, it's both incredible and weird at the same time.

Despite its age, GTA 5 still is very popular nowadays. Going onto 10 years, Rockstar Games already announced its successor GTA 6. Fans have been waiting for a sequel for years, and now we finally have some info about it. One giant leak even revealed countless videos and pictures of the unreleased GTA 6.

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