Jason Voorhees, One Of The Most Iconic Movie Killers, Died Aged 96

The horror fans have to handle a shock right before the start of spooky season, just two weeks before Halloween. We have everything there is to know.

Ted White died aged 96
Ted White the iconic actor and stuntman has sadly died aged 96. | © Warner Bros.

Ted White, the actor and stuntman who is best-known for his appearance as the killer Jason Voorhees in the iconic Friday the 13th film, has sadly passed away aged 96 on October 14.

Ted White as Jason Voorhees

Ted White really became famous with the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, in which he played Jason Voorhees, the killer of the film series. He continued the work of Ari Lehman, who played Voorhees in the original movie, Steve Daskewisz, who played him in part two and Richard Brooker, who had Jason's role in part three.

Many people remember Ted White as the one who debuted the legendary hockey killer mask in Friday the 13th, but it actually was Richard Brooker, who really made the debut of the mask. Nevertheless, Ted White is an icon in the horror movie scene and even more importantly, an impeccable human being.

Sean Clark, a horror movie historian, convention runner and close friend of Ted White, spread the news of White's death:

"I just got hit with the news that my dear friend Ted White has passed away [...] I was told he passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home."

A lot of people will forever remember the iconic work of Ted White, and will probably watch Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter once more this Halloween to remember an all-time great.