Minecraft Legends: How To Unlock The New Mounts

In this Minecraft Legends guide, we will deal with the new mounts available in the game and how we can make them our own. Who wouldn't want to hunt for treasure while riding on a tiger, right?

Minecraft Legends mounts
Minecraft Legends: Find out how to unlock the new mounts! | © Mojang

Using the fast travel options in Minecraft Legends for sure has its advantages, especially when you need to go somewhere quickly. But sometimes all you want is a nice view and a cute mount that makes sure you get to your destination in one piece. In the Minecraft we know so far, there is already a selection of different mounts for us to choose from. As for me, it was always a donkey that stole my heart. But now there are three new contestants in regard of the best mount the Minecraft universe has to offer: the Brilliant Beetle, the Regal Tiger and the Big Beak.

Minecraft Legends: How To Get The New Mounts

If you'd like to try out the new mounts for yourself, you'll first have to find them in their native environment on the map. You need to unlock them just once, after that you can freely swap between all of them. That means your first step is to find your dream mount!

Look for the …

  • Brilliant Beetle in the jungle.
  • Regal Tiger in a dry savannah.
  • Big Beak in the jagged peaks.

When you are standing close enough, the symbol on the map will then change from a question mark to the corresponding icon of the mount. That makes it easier to find them later again.

Once you found them, the mounts should be roaming around all the villages at all times for you to swap out. If you are standing next to them, you can press and hold Q to swap between your brave companions.

Characteristics Of Each Mount

All the new mounts have some special abilities to help you around the map a bit more easily.

The Brilliant Beetle

Minecraft legends beetle
Climb the highest mountains with your beetle companion! | © Mojang

The Brilliant Beetle will make exploring so much easier, with its unique ability to climb vertical walls without any problems. When facing a cliff, you can just keep walking and the Brilliant Beetle will do the hard part for you! When you reached the top of a mountain, you can also glide down to the ground again, while enjoying a nice view over some fortresses.

The Regal Tiger

Regal tiger
Scout through the new environment at top speed! | © Mojang

The Regal Tiger is first and foremost just very fast, and unfortunately can't handle mountainous terrain that well. Climbing is difficult for him, however, he remains unbeaten on flat ground. Quickly scouting unknown territory is his biggest strength.

The Big Beak

Minecraft Legends
Glide across the world with the Big Beak! | © Mojang

The Big Beak isn't that fast, but can jump very high. If you ever get lost on high mountain peaks, you can easily and delightfully glide to ground level with it. Leaping over swampy floors is one of its biggest strengths. They reminded me a lot of Chocobos.

Now get yourself your favorite mount and start exploring the new world of Minecraft Legends right away!

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