Modern Warfare 2 Reveals New Map: Shoothouse 2.0

Modern Warfare 2 have just revealed the second new map, and this one is looking far more like a traditional IW map than the Grand Prix map does. But don't lose hope because apparently, it's basically a sequel to Shoothouse.

Shoothouse 2 0 Farm 18
Here it is, Farm 18. | © Activision

Look, let's just be honest with each other, MW2019 had some of the worst maps in Call of Duty history. Take a map like Euphrates Bridge, even Gavutu looks well-designed by comparison. But, if you remember, there was of course one map on MW2019 that players seemed to enjoy: Shoothouse. This wasn't a GOATed CoD map (FYI, you can find the best CoD maps of all time here), but it was miles better than anything else in the game.

The Modern Warfare 2 team are starting to release more and more info about the game, and they've just revealed a map called Farm 18, which they claim is very similar to Shoothouse. It's not like the first map they revealed, Grand Prix, and it looks far more Infinity Ward than Treyarch, but let's keep our hopes high and take a look.

New Map Farm 18 Revealed

Call of Duty shared a new Modern Warfare 2 map called Farm 18 via Twitter, and it doesn't look as good as the first map they revealed, but they said it plays like Shoothouse. Let's hope so, because we'll have to play on it for 2 years.

Here is the reveal video:

On the bad side: it looks drab, there are far too many corners, and we can never fully trust Infinity Ward with map design. But on the good side: it genuinely does look like the center of the map was designed with the kind of symmetry and clear lines of play that made Shoothouse so great.

All in all, we're cautiously optimistic, but we're still happier with what we saw from the Grand Prix map reveal.

If it's being revealed now, you can expect it to be in beta. You can find all the beta details here:

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