MultiVersus Season 1: Two New Characters Confirmed

MultiVersus will get a bunch of new characters in its first season. After Rick & Morty, a new pair of additions has been announced.

The colorful roster of MultiVersus is getting more additions in Season 1. | © WB Games

MultiVersus has a wild roster of characters from Warner Bros. franchises, from DC superheroes, over Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes characters to freakin' LeBron James. Fans are excited to see what else the developers can get into the game, and we now have a pretty good idea of where the ride is going. After the inclusion of Rick & Morty, a new couple of characters have been confirmed for MultiVersus season 1: Black Adam and Stripe are coming!

Two New Characters Announced for MultiVersus Season 1

Black Adam and Stripe have been announced for MultiVersus via a little tease, where the main menu was changed briefly to show a new cover image for season 1, featuring the two characters. This image was then posted on the official Twitter channel of the game:

Black Adam has his own set of comics in the DC Universe and will get a live-action film with The Rock soon. We expect him to end up feeling similar to comparable characters in the game like Superman or Wonder Woman. Stripe is the villain from the iconic Gremlins movie, in case you didn't know (please watch Gremlins). It isn't quite as obvious how he will play and what features he will have, but it is super exciting to see where they'll go with him.

These additions are a pretty neat expansion of the full roster in MultiVersus. The developers seem to have good ideas about getting new characters into the game, and thanks to a leak we already seem to know who will come next. Black Adam and Stripe are on that leaked list, so it seems to be correct. However, we will have to wait until the end of season 1 to see them, as Black Adam and Stripe will be the last characters to join before season 2.