League of Legends Fans Pissed Over New Prime Gaming Capsules

The new League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsules have been revealed and while the content of the first two 2023 Capsules have stayed the same, For March, Riot has made some big changes and Fans are not happy about them.

Lo L Prime Gaming Capsule 2023
LoL Prime Gaming: What can you expect from the capsules in 2023? | © Riot Games / Prime Gaming

Riot Games and Amazon Prime started their partnership in 2022, bringing some amazing free content to any Amazon Prime users. Just having an account means you'll be able to pick up your own Amazon Capsule each month.

You guys know the drill, right? A new month means a new capsule! But wait... it's already March 21, and we have a new capsule...? Okay weird, but we take it... there is some interesting news about the newest Prime Gaming Capsule though and how some fans are pretty unhappy with the current state of the partnership.

LoL Prime Gaming Loot: This Is The New Content

Let's not talk around the bush and check out what the new content of the League of Legends Prime Gaming loot has in store for us:

  • Permanent Mystery Skin (value of 1350 RP)
  • Permanent Champion
  • 350 Riot Points
  • 4 Champion Shards
  • 30 Day XP-Boost
  • Mystery Ward Skin
  • 2 Series 1 Eternal Shards
  • 200 Orange Essence

If you looked at the content of the new Prime Gaming Capsules then you'll notice something peculiar. The mythic essence from the previous instances has disappeared! Instead, players will now be able to pick up a Ward Skin... woohoo – and I mean this sarcastically.

When Riot added the mythic shop to League of Legends last year they also adjusted the Prime Gaming capsules accordingly, giving players 5 ME with every capsule.

Do you think you'll get a skin for this champion in your Prime Gaming Capsule?

LoL Fans Criticize Riot For New Prime Gaming Capsule

With this change another chance of some mythic essence has been taken away by Riot. You're going to have to use precious real money to be able to pick up anything in the mythic shop it seems and that is only one part of why LoL fans are pretty furious right now.

Last year, when Riot added the mythic essence into the pack, RP was cut from the capsules, which is understandable, but what did players get instead of the ME this year? A ward skin....

Many fans don't think it's a fair trade, which can be seen by the multiple replies under the announcement Tweet directly from Riot. Is this outrage understandable?

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