League of Legends Pre-Season: Everything you Need to Know

It's pre-season time and while some information has leaked before, we finally got confirmation that once again, Riot is changing the jungle this League of Legends pre-season. Are you ready girl? This is going to be wild.

Elemental Dragon Ixtal
More dragon changes! | © Riot Games

Just a few days ago Garena accidentally leaked the most recent Rito Pls roadmap outlining some major changes coming to the jungle in this League of Legends pre-season. But we didn't know that there would be even more changes that Riot is working on, like new vision systems, new dragons and much more.

Okay, new dragons is a bit extreme, but spoiler alert in the pre-season we are going to be seeing the Chemtech drake once more, but they're going to be a different beast altogether.

League of Legends Pre-Season: Chemtech Drake Returns

We cannot forget that horrible dragon from the Season 12 pre-season right? Right. The zombies and the map were awful and a balance nightmare, which is why Riot decided it was time to kill it and let it rest... for now. But Riot Phroxzon announced that the Chemtech Drake is coming back once more changed completely.

The soul will give champions more damage and damage reduction when low health and the map... well let's just say it sounds much better than that awful invisibility map we had before. Instead, now the Chemtech drake will change the appearance of the plants, as well as their effects.

Scryer's Bloom is going to be giving champions a speed boost in the same direction of the champions that were revealed by the vision it gives. Oh, and Blast Cone will trampoline players much further than before. Pretty fun and a much better gimmick than before.

Changes to Camps and Buffs

Riot is also going to make the entrance into the jungle position much easier by improving camp patience. This means that players who take one step too far won't have their camps run off on them and return to their original positions. This will make learning jungle much easier without having an effect on high elo junglers.

Buffs will also be improved. Buff sharing is very important in the game, but it feels bad for jungelrs who lose out on gold, EXP and the buffs, which is why some new options are being looked at like a buff leaving behind a 'little friend' who will also grant the jungler a buff and gold.

Riot to Introduce New Ping System

Riot is also looking to introduce a new ping system to the game. The current system is extremely basic and very outdated, hence why Riot is going to udpate it to include more pings, as well as the overall system for it and how pings are shown.

Hopefully better communication will also improve the gameplay and let you win more games. Especially if you can plan some macro even in your solo queue games, this will make ranked a much better place to be, right? Right. So let's hope these changes are decent.