Remnant 2: How to Get The Pulse Rifle

In this guide, we will tell you all about the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 and how to obtain it.

Remnant 2
How to get the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 |© Gearbox

In most conflicts, fights and wars, firepower is often a deciding factor. The same goes for Remnant 2, so we want to help you, to obtain the best weapons for every ingame situation. In this article we will tell you how to obtain the Pulse Rifle, the best weapon for medium ranges fights.

How To Obtain The Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 is a weapon made for medium-ranged combat. It's an extremely accurate gun with a three-round bursts, and a 30 round magazine. Due to its nice balance between a high fire-rate and accuracy the Pulse Rifle is a fitting weapon for nearly every situation and enemy.

Especially the 105% damage bonus against weak spots are remarkable, so the gun is very effective against Bosses as well. Sadly it doesn't offer any built-in Weapons Mod or Mutators. These things you have to integrate yourself. But the three-round burst gives the weapon an overall unique feeling and play style.

Where To Find The Pulse Rifle:

You can find the Pulse Rifle in the Abyssal Rift. You just need the Decorum Cipher to unlock the door downstairs, so make sure you possess him. And be careful down there! Cause that's the area where the Custodian resides, and depending on your choices in the game, he can pacific or hostile towards you.

Here are the weapons stats, just for you to get a feeling if this weapon fits your play style as well:

Pulse Rifle - Long Gun.

The Pulse Rifle has its ideal range at 22 meters, and a Fall of Range of 65 meters. It has 210 rounds at max and fires in short three-round bursts. The Critical Hit Chance is at 10%, while the Weak Spot Damage Bonus is 105%. It also possesses a Stagger Modifier of 5%.

As a regular Long Gun it can be upgraded up to 20 times, to increase its damage.

So grab this gun, keep some distance to your enemies and aim at the weak spots. With this play style you can get the maximum out of this long gun in Remnant 2.

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