Sony Expands Into Mobile Gaming

Sony has announced that they will also develop mobile games in the future. According to the latest information, a first game is already in development.

Sony Play Station Mobile Games
Makes sense, after all Sony not only has PlayStation, but also makes smartphones. | © Sony

Now that Microsoft has taken over Activision Blizzard and Game Pass is becoming more and more attractive, Sony needs to step up. After all, we've already heard that they're allegedly paying studios not to bring their games to Game Pass. That sounds pretty desperate, right.... However, Sony doesn't want to just give up like that. With the takeover of Bungie, they have already secured a fabulous and established studio that still has a damn successful game going with Destiny and knows how to develop good shooters.

Now Sony also wants to conquer the mobile market and has revealed some exciting details.

PlayStation Goes Mobile

Sony has announced that they are looking to expand into the mobile market with the acquisition of Savage Game Studios and have created the PlayStation Studios Mobile Division specifically for this purpose. This new division is to develop "innovative, on-the-go experiences based on new and existing PlayStation IP that meet PlayStation Studios’ high-quality standards." The division is also expected to operate independently of console game development.

Until now, we thought Sony's announcement that they wanted to publish games on more platforms was exclusively aimed at porting games to PC. However, it now turns out that PlayStation does not only want to become more active on PC, but also conquer the mobile market. With the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, this should succeed in the future. The studio was founded by some veterans of the industry, who previously worked at Insomniac Games, Wargaming or Zynga and thus have a lot of experience.

We don't know yet which games exactly will be developed for mobile devices and especially which well-known PS IPs we will soon be able to play on smartphones, but there is said to be a AAA mobile live service action game in development already.

Are you excited to see what Sony and PlayStation will bring to our smartphones in the future? We can hardly wait. Who knows, maybe Ghost of Tsushima will also be available for smartphones...